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10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Building Fence Gate

Building Fence Gate

An attractive fence gate is an inviting addition on your backyard, garden, or field, but it’s also issue to greater wear and tear than some other a part of your fence. The fence gate described here is robust sufficient for normal garden use, and can be modified for any length of fence. you can need to investigate different forms of gate for specialised purposes, such as retaining animals.


Constructing the Posts

1.Measure the favored width of your gate. if you do now not have an current fence to attach the gate to, you may need to construct one, as fence posts are essential for installing a fence.

2.Mark the spot where the gate fence posts will pass into the floor. if you do no longer already have fence posts in vicinity, you may want posts so one can set up a gate. Make small indentations within the ground along with your trowel.

3.Test for utilities. before any digging takes area, name a application place carrier to locate pipes, cables, and different underground dangers. you could call the toll-free number “811” for this service from everywhere inside the US and Canada.

4.Consider an H-brace fence. If the fence isn’t yet constructed, you could build it in an “H-brace” style, with single crossbeams and horizontal tensioned wires connecting the posts. For the gate posts, use posts 1.five to two times the diameter of the opposite fence posts, and connect them to the closest fence post using a tensioned wire strung diagonally from the lowest of the gate post to the pinnacle of the other publish.

5.Dig a trench throughout the gate opening as a substitute. in case you are not constructing an H-brace fence, you may reinforce the gate posts with a concrete base alternatively. start by digging a trench 12″ (30 cm) huge across the gate beginning, and as a minimum 18″ (forty six cm) deep.

6.Brace the posts in function. vicinity the 2 gate posts in opposite ends of the trench. Plumb them with a bubble level to make sure they may be as vertical as possible. Brace them in area with the aid of nailing angled 2 x 4s onto adjacent sides of every submit, stabilizing them towards the ground.

7.Add elective wood reinforcement. for additional stability, you may lay pressure handled 2″ x 4″ forums throughout the entire length of the ditch base. Nail them to the sides of the 2 posts.

8.Mix concrete. a quick-placing concrete blend or any fundamental Portland cement mix will do. you’ll need kind of one bag in line with put up.

9.Pour concrete into the trench. cover the complete base of the ditch with a layer of concrete four–6″ (10–15 cm) deep.

10.Permit the concrete remedy. Wait at the least 24 hours for the concrete to remedy, or as directed on the bag.

11.Fill the trench with gravel. Pour gravel to floor degree to in addition improve the posts.

Constructing the Gate

1.Cut pinnacle and bottom gate boards. cut two 2″ x four” boards to two in. (or four cm) shorter than the space among the posts. as an example, in case you want a gate that spans 36 in. (or ninety two cm), cut the forums to 34 in. (or 88 cm).

You may replace the 2″ x four”s with any 1″ or 2″ thick boards with a width that fits the relaxation of the fence. The thicker the board, the better, to make the gate robust and durable.

2.Cut two 2″ x four” boards to the favored peak of your gate. these could be your vertical boards.

3.Shape the gate frame. region the 4 boards flat on the desk to form a rectangle. Hammer them together so that the vertical boards relaxation in the horizontal boards. if your gate may be very tall, a middle brace beam can also be necessary.

For a sturdier gate, upload a diagonal brace across the square. instead of nailing the boards together, drill holes and join them with carriage bolts.

4.Add slats or pickets. Nail boards of your favored width, no greater than 1” thick, to the outdoor of the fence gate, the usage of 2” screws or nails pushed into the pinnacle and backside pieces. these may be butted against each different or spaced evening or unevenly, depending on your chosen look.


Attaching the Gate


A garden fence gate does now not usually should be very strong. in case your aim is to keep animals in or humans out, however, you will need a bigger and sturdier home made gate, usually made with higher timber.

If you want to color or stain your gate, achieve this earlier than mounting.

Covering the fence gate with more forums nailed to the diagonal boards will make your fence stronger and obstruct the view.

Weather resistant or strain-treated forums will ultimate lots longer than normal timber. you may also stain or paint the gate for an extended life span.







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