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Cedar Picket Fence

Cedar is a form of picket that is a sort of soft picket with colorations ranging from white, yellow to purple. Cedar timber develop in areas which have a moist weather subjecting them to high exposure to unfavorable elements like molds, fungus, bugs and moisture. due to this, they’ve evolved self protective qualities that allows you to adapt well to the encompassing environment. it’s far a top preference for picket wood fences because it’s miles resilient while wet. advantages of the use of cedar timber as fence pickets include excessive insulation homes and noise absorption due to the fact they’re porous. it is also strong, does now not amplify nor warp and is resistant to splitting and cracking. on the subject of getting old, cedar wood a long time greater beautifully as compared to different picket species. It has also exudes natural elegance via its colourful colour and rich grain pattern.

The maximum not unusual species used for fence making is the Western crimson Cedar that’s a tender, aromatic and reddish brown timber. although an highly-priced excessive grade quality timber, it is guaranteed through maximum suppliers to closing for 30 years because it has very minimum shrinkage. other types include the Atlantic White Cedar, Northern White Cedar and jap purple Cedar which are categorized as being light, porous cedar wood species. additionally beneficial for fences because they’re now not susceptible to interrupt whilst uncovered to humidity and temperature.


Cost wise, cedar wood is a sensible investment. Six foot cedar timber wood fences normally price $15 to $30 linear foot for DIY projects. This price doubles whilst you make a decision to lease a professional to put in it for you. it’s also available in planks at $8 consistent with piece for the handled variety.

It’s miles encouraged that cedar wood picket fences undergo everyday preservation for an extended existence span. also, it’s far excellent stained with water sealer rather than paint as it allows natural oils to increase making it insect and rot resistant.







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