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PVC guardrail is an indispensable product for the construction of new rural areas. PVC guardrail has high strength, resistance to bending, bending, tensile, freezing, and impact. It has a strong sense of art, smooth lines, and exquisite shapes. It combines western art and oriental charm. Now every country in the country is engaged in the construction of new rural areas. The amount of PVC fences is very large. In addition, the decoration around the house and so on make the surrounding environment more beautiful and tidy.

Advantages of PVC fence
1. It is simple and quick to make and install. It adopts patented friction-type connection or proprietary connection accessories for installation, which greatly improves the installation efficiency.
2. No paint and maintenance are needed, and the old and new are not old, which saves you the tiredness and trouble of maintenance, and has the lowest comprehensive cost.
3. Variety of varieties and specifications, you can choose a variety of shapes, both European and American style and today’s fashion, showing noble and modern beauty.
4, safety, environmental protection, harmless to people (animals), even if you accidentally touch the fence will not hurt people like steel, iron fence.
5. Adopt special formula and special ultraviolet absorber, no fading, no yellowing, no peeling, no cracking, no foaming, no moth, and the service life can reach more than 30 years.
6. The inner cavity of the guardrail is reinforced with galvanized steel, which has sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that the PVC guardrail has both the strength of steel and the beauty of PVC.

Safety operation regulations for PVC fence
1. Work clothes must be worn when entering the work place, shirts must be tied into pants, open sleeves must be fastened, ladies must include long hair in the cap; high heels, slippers, sandals, skirts, shorts and scarves are strictly prohibited to prevent them accident.
2. It is not allowed to start and use various machine tools and equipment without authorization. It must be used under the guidance of the instructor.
3. Do not fight with each other at the work site, do not use any tools or materials to joke with each other, and do not use PVC fence material to make fighting equipment such as knives, guns, sticks, swords.
4. Pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel and themselves during work to prevent injuries caused by waving tools, tool falling, workpieces and pvc fence profiles. When two or more people work, pay attention to coordination and cooperation.
5. The tools used must be complete and reliable before they can start working. It is strictly forbidden to use tools that do not meet safety requirements such as cracks, burrs, no handles or loose handles, and strictly abide by the safe operating rules of common tools.
6, tools or measuring tools should be placed on the appropriate position of the workbench to prevent falling measuring tools or hurt people.
7. Don’t strike the PVC guardrail with a hammer to cut off the material, otherwise the material will pop out and hurt people.
8. When operating the spraying equipment, you must wear long clothes, trousers, and masks. The work site is not allowed to wear shirts and slippers.
9. Pay special attention to the injuries caused by the waste of pvc fence on the work site.
10. Do not take materials and tools away from the work site without permission.
11, PVC fence waste is cleaned up and recycled to the designated place, no littering is allowed.
12. After the operation, check the tools and place them neatly in the tool box to clean the site.







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