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The pvc guardrail does not require maintenance and maintenance during use, nor does it have an old effect for a long time, so it can be better demonstrated in terms of practicality and functionality. The most important thing is that the appearance can also get better results, no maintenance time and cost, can avoid fatigue and failure during use, and can greatly reduce the overall cost. During the manufacturing and installation process, the pvc guardrail can be said to show very simple and fast effects. The patented socket connection technology can be used. It is convenient to install the pvc guardrail, which can greatly improve the installation efficiency, but some processes can also make the overall performance more stable. So now many consumers like it, and the variety is very rich, we can make reasonable choices according to their own needs. Pvc gardening fence It is a composite material with special PVC profiles as the main component. Its main material components are imported from abroad to ensure sufficient strength and weather resistance of the guardrail. PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy-saving and recyclable green material. At present, the application of pvc guardrail is also very extensive, can be customized according to the needs of customers, and can also be used by all units such as roads, real estate, villas, etc. Ensuring that the aesthetics can be better improved, for the overall function and cost-effective barriers, but also to achieve better standards.

The pvc guardrail is used for the normal use and durability of the concealed acceptance record of the guardrail project, and the masonry structure is poor in integrity. This paper mainly demonstrates the minimum reliability requirements for various types of connections. After the completion of each process, the plane size of the basic test of the load design guardrail, the installation process of the pvc guard rail material anchoring method, etc., shall be separated from all metal parts of the design that are isolated by the deflection correction factor caused by the guardrail. Hot dip galvanizing. Road construction procedures may not be carried out without the approval of the inspection. The working environment for the welding and painting of {+*/}pvc guardrails shall comply with the relevant regulations. The protection of semi-finished products should be done during the construction of the guardrail. After the construction of the wooden guardrail, all and part of the pvc guardrail should be tested and the components should be inspected for cracks and deformation. If there are loose nodes with or without decay and moths, they must be dealt with in a timely manner if they are discovered.







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