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How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost

Expect to pay between $2,400 to $2,800 on a replacement privacy fence, with a mean of between $8 and $18 per linear foot. The area coated is that the primary issue followed by material. Low finish materials will lower prices to $1,600, whereas high finish materials will increase the worth to over $4,000.

Are You certain a couple of Privacy Fence?

The reason householders add a privacy fence will vary from high-jumping pets to dangerous neighbors. If you’re adding or exchange a fence, take into account checking our Fencing analysis Guide to try and do your preparation. If another fence choice is on your microwave radar, check what proportion will Fence Installation Cost?

In order to urge associate correct estimation of privacy fence price for any explicit property, householders must take a better examine varied factors. The materials, labor and time all must be accounted for once conniving privacy fence price. Here’s a better examine what it’s going to price to place up a privacy fence, moreover as those factors that impact that price.

Basic Factors That Impact Privacy Fencing price

There are many basic factors which will impact the price of a privacy fence. These embrace price of labor, building permits, marking utility lines, building material sort, fencing height and, most significantly, the general length of the fence.

Because of these various factors, privacy fence installation prices can vary considerably from one home to the following.

Fencing materials are the issue that has the most important vary. most householders can take into account vinyl, chain link, PVC, wood or metal as their fencing choice. Alternate or exotic materials embrace sure woods and organics like bamboo and complicated Fe.

Counting the price of Privacy Fence Installation

With such an oversized vary of averages, it is vital to seem additional closely at the varied factors that impact privacy fences. The underlying price related to all fence installation is labor. householders that do the task on their own can economize, however fence installation may be a difficult DIY project. Hiring an expert can increase the general price, however cut back risk and frustration. once hiring a professional, householders will expect to pay a per linear foot labor price. this suggests that the longer your fence, the additional you’ll obtain labor.

Fence height is that the most vital impact the price, unless exploitation associate extravagant material. Typically, the taller the fence, the additional it’ll price to put in, and most privacy fences are six feet tall. householders must take into account their want for privacy and safety and confirm what fence height can facilitate them reach that goal.

Material is another issue. the foremost cheap building material is chain link, however is never utilized by householders for privacy fences. clearly it doesn’t give a lot of privacy, therefore householders continually address wood choices.

Finally, the fashion of the fence can augment its price – ornamental components will increase a homeowner’s budget moreover. For comparison, a fence rail wood fence can price $3 to $6 per linear foot, whereas a six-foot wood privacy fence can price between $8 and $18 per linear foot.

How to economize on Your Privacy Fence

If you would like to save lots of cash on privacy fence installation, there are ways that you’ll be able to cut the prices. putting in the fence on your own is one, however householders ought to solely tackle this if they’re assured in their skills and have properly marked the underground utility lines.

Choosing a more cost-effective material, whether or not it means that sacrificing aesthetics, is another choice. you need to weigh the prices with the general look you are going for so as to search out the foremost cheap choice for your fencing.

Finally, you’ll be able to save by limiting the quantity of your yard that you simply fence. you are doing not should fence your entire yard, and since materials and labor are charged by the linear foot, you’ll be able to save if you shorten the general size of your fence.

Fence installation is associate investment, however it’s associate investment that pays off. With a confined yard, your property values can increase and your overall enjoyment of your home can too. If you’re able to have a fence put in, get some quotes from native installers to work out simply what proportion you’ll be able to expect to obtain the scale and material you would like.

If you’re adding or exchange a fence, check our Fencing analysis Guide . If associateother fence sort is an choice, check what proportion will Fence Installation Cost? For those able to begin the explore for an area Fencing company to put in a privacy fence, check Angie’s native Guides to Fencing corporations, Plumbers and additional.







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