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how to build a double fence gate

Every fence wants a gate to produce access to the penned space. It may be custom-designed to match the fashion of your fence or as a put concentration to the yard’s landscape. The fence may be an easy chain-link simply to stay the dogs within the yard. A double gate isn’t troublesome to make and therefore the homemade repairer will create a custom double gate in a very few days.

Step 1
Measure the gap between the 2 posts for the double gate, employing a measuring instrument. Check the breadth at the highest, middle, and bottom. Use the tiniest of the 3 dimensions. take off three inches from the breadth of the gate post and divided that by 2 for the width of every gate.

Step 2
Cut four 2-by-4s to to the breadth you simply determined and twelve inches but the peak of the gate, employing a miter saw. These can build the highest and bottom of the gate frames.

Step 3
Assemble the gate, victimisation construction adhesive and 3-inch exterior deck screws. Apply the development adhesive to the highest and bottom ends of the vertical gate frame. Set the highest and bottom gate items on the vertical pieces and screw them along to make an oversized parallelogram, employing a power screwdriver. Use an oversized sq. to examine the corners.

Step 4
Place a 2-by-4 diagonally across the frame from rock bottom right up to the highest left. Use a pencil to mark the board to suit at intervals the frame. Cut the board, employing a miter saw. Apply construction adhesive to the ends you simply cut and place at intervals the frame. Screw them at intervals the frame, victimisation the 3-inch exterior deck screws.

Step 5
Apply a layer of construction adhesive to the face of the gate frame and place fence pickets over the frame to match the prevailing fence. Screw these to the frame, victimisation 2-inch exterior deck screws and an influence screwdriver.

Step 6
Repeat steps three through five for the opposite facet of the gate.







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