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How to Build a Double Fence Gate

A yard enclosed by means of a strong fence is a safe area for youngsters and pets to play. most yards have a 36-inch-wide fence for having access to the backyard. but, anyone who has a massive lawn tractor or a trailer desires a larger gate. The do-it-yourself handyman can assemble a double gate to allow get admission to for large system.

Degree the distance among the two posts to calculate the scale of the gate, using a tape degree.

Cut 2-through-6-by using-eight-foot forums to six ft, the use of a miter saw. that is the everyday peak of a privateness fence. exchange the height as needed to match the height of your fence.

Set a forty five-diploma bevel bit into a router table. regulate the height of the router bit to reduce a bevel on every of the two-by-6s used in the gates. This offers an appealing detail for the gate.

Lay out every gate on a flat surface just as it can be assembled. measure the width of each of the gates. reduce two 2-by using-4s to the width of every of the gates. Theses are for the horizontal helps for the gates. apply a strip of creation adhesive to each of the two-by using-4s. Use a caulk gun for this. attach a board 9 inches from the pinnacle and bottom of each gate. make certain is it’s far perpendicular to the two-through-6s. Use a framing square to check this. place 2 half-inch timber screws thru the 2-by way of-4 into each of the 2-by-6s.

Region a 2-by using-four diagonally across the gate from the pinnacle to bottom. Align the outdoor edge of the diagonal board with the outside edge of the horizontal supports. Draw a line on the 2-by means of-four to reveal where it desires to be reduce to in shape among the two horizontal helps. follow production adhesive to the diagonal 2-through-four and screw it in role inside the same manner because the last step.







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