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How to build a lattice fence

Lattice fence display screen panels are used to hide any form of imperfections for your yard, or for decorative purposes. you have got the choice of either the bamboo lattice fence, or the cedar percent lattice fence. you may have an ugly HVAC unit mendacity at the ground subsequent to your house, in which you would as an alternative have plant life. Or perhaps you would like to fence in a rubbish garage region or the underpinnings of a deck, so that they’re not so visible. Lattice fence screens work well for those and other screening desires. Vines can later be taught up the % lattice fencing to provide further screening.

Here’s How:


1.If the lattice screen is to be freestanding, install posts to assist the lattice. In turn, the posts may be sunk into the floor and supported by way of concrete. on this venture i’m relating to pvcen posts and a % lattice (now not vinyl). If the lattice fencing is 4′ x eight’, you’ll need to area the two postholes about eight’ apart. Err at the side of spacing them a bit closer (you can constantly trim excess lattice).


2.Dig the two postholes. In cold climates you should dig three’ down, so that you’ll get under the frost line. this will save you heaving at some stage in freeze-and-thaw cycles. Even in warmer climates, recall digging to this depth to provide tall posts (7′ or more) with more balance.


3.Observe 2″ of overwhelmed stone to the bottoms of the postholes for progressed drainage in your lattice fence.

4.Here comes the hard part! you may be placing 8′ long 4×4 strain-handled posts into the postholes now. however, the achievement of your challenge hinges on getting them well aligned and plumbed, and on getting their tops to grow to be degree with every different.


5.begin by means of setting them within the holes and bracing them briefly. temporary braces (using scrap lumber) may be nailed to the posts to hold them up. modify the braces on the way to get the posts kind of plumb. area the pvc lattice up in opposition to the posts.


6.In case you’re on stage ground, use the pinnacle of the lattice fence now as a guide to decide how excessive you want your posts to be (however if you’re working on a slope, see Tip #1 below). for example, in case you’re the use of ornamental submit caps, you could wish to have the posts extend 1′ above the lattice. Mark the locations to reduce with a pencil, then disassemble your transient paintings, make the cuts, and reassemble.

7.Now which you’ve sorted the height of the posts, turn your interest to alignment. once more regulate the braces with a purpose to get the posts roughly plumb, and place the lattice fence briefly up against the posts once more, to look how well the posts line up with every other.


8.Due to the fact that lattice is flexible, alignment does no longer need to be exact; but get it as near as viable, by using adjusting the position of the posts in their holes. in case you measured carefully earlier than digging the postholes, the adjustment ought to be minimum.


9.Happy with the manner the posts align with each other, you can now address the chore of having every post exactly plumb, all of the way round, the use of a chippie’s level. whilst you’ve done this, tighten the braces, if you want to maintain the posts of the lattice fencing firmly in position.


10.you’re sooner or later geared up for the concrete! whilst purchasing for concrete, ask your house improvement save salesclerk for the sort which you just pour into the hole, dry, then soak with water.

11.Such “brief-placing” concrete would not have to be mixed before pouring, saving you the effort of first blending concrete, then shoveling that heavy blend into the holes. With brief-placing concrete, you just empty the contents of the bag into the hole, then soak the concrete using a lawn hose. For 3′-deep postholes you will want approximately five baggage in line with hole. allow the concrete remedy overnight. cease of Day 1.


12.Don’t worry: Day 2 might be lots less complicated! Prop the lattice fence panel up towards the posts. Mark where you need to screw the lattice fencing to the posts. nonetheless propping the pvc lattice up in region, pre-drill through these marks, right into the posts. Now screw the lattice fenc onto the posts, the use of the holes which you pre-drilled. Trim any extra lattice hanging over the ends with a jigsaw.


13.Affix ornamental post caps (if any) in step with producer’s instructions.

You could now plant any mountain climbing plant that you wish to train up the pvc lattice screen. Flowering vines, precise, will dress up your lattice fence drastically. simply create your planter box or raised bed in front of the lattice display, at its base.




1.In case you’re working on a slope, it will be more problem to determine publish heights. Brace the posts briefly. Run a string with a string level from the top of the downhill submit to the pinnacle of the uphill post, securing briefly with tape. Then begin bringing the uphill cease down, checking to see at what point you attain stage. At that factor, mark the uphill put up, disassemble bracing, and make reduce.


2.Do not install your lattice display right up in opposition to an HVAC unit. make certain there’s plenty of “respiration room.” This spacing may even make certain clean get entry to have to repair work want to be performed at the HVAC unit.

3.You’ve got some options with stress-treated %, in terms of a finish. The preservation-free option is to permit it weather to a natural end. you can stain it or paint it, in case you do not like the natural end. you may discover it simpler to do the preliminary staining or painting prior to installation. Of course, when it comes time to re-stain or re-paint, you won’t have this selection.


What You want:


tape measure
carpenter’s stage
string stage
posthole digger or shovel
round saw, jigsaw
drill, screws
hammer, nails
brief-placing concrete
two 4×4 dealt with posts
4×8 treated pvc lattice







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