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How To Build A Lattice Privacy Fence

Lattice privacy Fence


Having a latticeprivacy fence is not only superb for privacy, but additionally provides a quaint style to your property. they are specially beneficial around items such as a porch, deck or hot tub. shopping for a elaborate one can get at the highly-priced aspect, but building one for yourself is cheap and smooth.

Step 1: Buried Posts Or Stakes?


There are two ways of setting your lattice privacy fence in the floor, relying on what it’s far getting used for and the way at ease you want it to be. The simpler approach is to apply slender, vertical posts (about the same length as your planks of wood) that have been sharpened to points at the stop, which may be “staked” into the ground. the alternative is to use 2x4s and dig holes for the ends, making your lattice fence greater cozy. the selection is yours, and both paintings excellent.


Step 2: degree Your Planks


Lay your posts for the first wall on the floor, spaced exactly 2 ft aside and perfectly parallel to each other. after you are sure they’re all coated up, start laying your planks diagonally throughout the posts, creating a pencil marking on every where they will grasp over and need to be cut down. They ought to be spaced about 2 inches aside. in case you are the use of 2-inch wide planks, you may without a doubt lay a spare plank among others to space them out properly.

if you aren’t satisfied with the degree of the angle, make certain to copy this step till you get it just right earlier than transferring on.


Step 3: cutting Your Planks


Putting off only one at a time, take your planks off the posts and noticed off where you marked it. keep the excess, as it can be used on the opposite walls. update the plank and choose up the following one to noticed.


Step 4: Nailing Your Planks


At each factor that a plank crosses a post, location a nail proper inside the center of both. If you like, you can do that step as you’re doing Step four, nailing one plank in before doing away with the next to be reduce. in case you do even though, be sure that your hammering doesn’t pass the other planks or you’ll must re-measure the distance between them.

Step 5: status Up Your Lattice Fence


Once all of the planks are nailed in vicinity, it is time to put your fence inside the floor. if you used posts with the ends sharpened to stakes, actually place it within the desired region, and punctiliously use a rubber mallet on top of every post to pound it into region. If the heavier posts had been used, dig out your publish holes, vicinity your fence, and fill the holes again in.


Step 6: painting


If you are going to paint your lattice fence, you could do it either before or after nailing it all collectively. If accomplished earlier than hand, you’re probably to use more paint covering areas in order to be concealed. in case you paint after the lattice has been assebled, you’ll spend greater time to paint round all of the nooks and crannies of the boards nailed together. either way is nice.


There you have it, 7 clean steps to constructing a easy, quaint privacy fence.







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