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how to build a picket fence


Mark out place of fence and corner publish holes

Once you have got determined the belongings line and prison setback, mark out the location of the fence. Mark the places of the corner post holes with spray paint. Mark the locations of the final line posts, maintaining the space among the posts lightly spaced and under eight’. If installing a gate, make certain to place posts as a consequence.


Insure that set posts are plumb

Set Posts

Using a post hollow digger or two-individual auger, dig holes approximately 24″ deep and 12″ huge. add some inches of gravel to the lowest of the holes for drainage. Insert 6″ x 6″ posts in holes. make certain the posts are degree and plumb. quickly brace with 2″ x four” forums. mix speedy-drying cement in step with manufacturer’s guidelines and pour in holes. permit treatment for forty eight hours.


Reduce Pickets

Pickets are cut from 1″ x four” strain dealt with boards. as soon as the decorative shape is decided, make a template to make certain a consistent appearance from wood to wood. Use the template to mark the place of the cuts at the pickets then use a jigsaw to cut the layout. cut the pickets to a period of 42″.


Area pickets out flippantly from side to side

Gather Fence Panels

Measure and reduce rails from 1″ x 4″ stress treated forums to span the gap among posts. every fence panel includes an upper and decrease rail and the pickets. determine how a ways to area the rails aside, aiming for a distance of about 32″. area the pickets out lightly backward and forward. To keep a consistent area use a spacer block. connect pickets to rails with deck screws. Repeat for other panels.


Attach fence panels to posts with L brackets

Connect Panels to Posts

Connect the fence panels to the posts the use of galvanized “L” brackets. Fasten brackets to the bottom rails earlier than attaching the panels to the post. due to the fact the bottom rails are so low to the floor, it’s miles difficult to do so as soon as in vicinity. connect the upper rail to the submit first, then the lower rail. make sure the panels are degree.


Go bracing introduced to gate for energy

Assemble Gate

The gate is made inside the equal manner as the fence panels but with cross bracing added for electricity. The gate is mounted the identical way as the panels besides with heavy-obligation hinges in preference to “L” brackets. connect gate latch while hooked up.


Decorative finials introduced to every posts

Add ornamental Finishes

Add finials to every publish the use of deck screws. Seal, stain or paint the fence to guard it in opposition to the weather. treated timber should season first earlier than it can be stained.







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