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How to build a picket fence

Acquire your resources

Fence posts – 1.4m x ninety x 90mm H4 handled pine
Fence rails
Letterbox body
Diagonal brace – 90 x 42mm primed handled pine
Pickets – forty two x 18mm primed handled pine


You’ll additionally want

Crowbar; publish hole digger; spirit degree; quick set concrete; stringline; drill and bits; 100mm batten screws; nail gun and nails; 200mm T Hinges; latch; outdoors wooden filler; sandpaper; Dulux Weathershield Semi-Gloss Acrylic in Highgate; painting gadget

Right here’s how


Step 1

Unbolt current fence panels and remove. Use crowbar to interrupt concrete round posts and eliminate.


Step 2

Use publish hole digger to dig 400mm deep holes for posts at each cease of fence line and wherein gate can be. lightly area different posts between these in order that they do no longer exceed 1.8m aside.


Step 3

Region post in 1 quit hole. check top is 1 metre above floor and use spirit level to make plumb. if your fence borders a footpath or boundary, allow for 60mm among fence publish and boundary line. blend short set concrete following percent commands and pour into hollow round post. Repeat for different quit publish.

Step 4

Run stringline between end posts at bottom and alongside top corner of posts. Set other posts in position (see Step three) so that they meet those stringlines and are plumb.


Step 5

Mark a point on every post 150mm and 760mm from top. On posts adjacent to where gate can be, mark a line 18mm from side of put up. cut rails to duration. Predrill and screw pinnacle and backside rails into posts the use of 100mm batten screws so the top of rails meets marked strains and give up meets 18mm line at gate posts.

Step 6

To support letterbox, cut duration to fit vertically between pinnacle and backside rails to in shape width of letterbox. cut a piece to fit horizontally among these to create an opening to healthy dimensions of your letterbox.


Step 7

Reduce pickets to length to match around letterbox commencing and to match rest of fence run (see Notes).


Step 8

At a gate put up, location a wooden towards rail cease-grain. Make flush with top of put up and use nailgun to nail via picket to top and backside rails.


Step 9

Nail subsequent picket on face of rail so its facet is flush with the wooden fixed in Step 8. Nail another picket to face of rails at different quit of this run of fence. Stretch stringline taut among tops of these pickets as a guide for the ones in among.

Step 10

Using a wooden on edge as a spacer, region next wood so its pinnacle meets stringline. Nail into pinnacle rail. Use spirit degree to make plumb, then nail into backside rail. Repeat for ultimate pickets, including pickets around letterbox. every so often degree fence wherein you have yet to connect pickets and calculate how many will in shape. you may must modify area between pickets so you don’t grow to be with an choppy gap at quit of run.


Step 11

Assemble a gate frame 10mm narrower than gate beginning. Make body rectangular, then cut and fit a diagonal brace to take a seat interior body. connect 200mm T hinges to gate frame so diagonal brace runs from backside hinge as much as latch side of gate. Screw gate frame to put up, then nail pickets to gate body to fit relaxation of fence. connect gate latch to gate frame and adjoining post.

Step 12

Slide in and cozy letterbox. Fill all nail holes and sand easy. follow 2 coats of semi gloss acrylic, allowing to dry after each coat. Spray portray is the easiest manner to do this however you may use a small roller and brush.







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