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How to build a privacy fence

Fence builders can quote costs in linear feet of fence, supported the sort. To budget, you wish to start out with the sort of fence you would like. this may be a picket or vinyl privacy, picket, wrought-iron, chain-link, and possibly many different choices i’ve got ne’er detected of. we have a tendency to needed a privacy fence so our dogs wouldn’t bark at passersby. Wood privacy fences will be designed from cedar or pressure-treated pine, most ordinarily. Pine may be a ton cheaper and truly additional sturdy with the pressure-treated coating, however cedar is a smaller amount susceptible to deformation and appears nicer. this can be a starter home for United States of America, therefore we have a tendency to went with pine.


Once you recognize what you would like, you wish to grasp however long the fence must be to induce associate calculable price.I merely thespian lines on my property wherever I needed my fence, and checked out the end in feet. we have a tendency to were watching a fence slightly below five hundred feet. it’s price noting at now that if you aren’t whole positive wherever your property boundaries are, you wish to induce a survey. Also, we have a tendency to don’t board a region that has such things, however you will would like a allow to make a fence.

A couple of close fence builders gave United States of America estimates of around $13-$17 per foot.Still, that was visiting be around $7000 or $8000. I did the maths on materials, and patterned i might presumably are available around $3600 building it myself, not as well as gates. to induce this variety, I merely divided the full fence length by eight, which is that the approximate variety of 4×4 pressure-treated posts needed, all being regarding $8, and one bag of concrete per post, regarding $5 every. Then I side the rails, three 8′ pressure-treated 2x4s per span between the 4x4s, about $2.50 per 2×4. And lastly, the pickets themselves were the foremost dear part; pre-cut eared pressure-treated pickets are regarding $1.50 each; merely take the full span of fence in inches (so fifty0′ * twelve inches/foot = 6000 inches) divided by five.5, the dimension of a picket. For my fence, I required around seventy 4x4s, seventy baggage of concrete, 210 2x4s, and 1100 pickets.


Note that these are all over-estimates, therefore ensure you save your receipts. it’s conjointly price noting that though we have a tendency to had a truck and trailer, our Home Depot can deliver materials for a flat rate of $59 – I undoubtedly suggest trying into this notably for the concrete, since we have a tendency to finished up obtaining thousands of pounds of 4×4 and concrete delivered to start out. You’ll conjointly would like some incidentals like deck screws gate hardware, however the higher than is nice for a rough estimate. we have a tendency to conjointly used 6×6 posts for our gates, as a result of they’re 12′ wide.



We finished up paying the native builder $12/post to try and do the posts. This created sense to United States of America, as a result of this half may be a ton of labor associated very needs the employment of an auger for any considerably massive fence. you’ll rent associate auger and do that yourself, simply remember that if you catch a rock or bind it up, it’s terribly simple to induce hors de combat. even be absolute to decision the hotline to induce your power and water lines marked before doing any creating by removal. the opposite choice is to dig with a shovel by hand, however that wasn’t happening for United States of America for seventy holes.


The key to doing this yourself, supported looking the blokes United Nations agency did it, is as follows. Get some string and stakes, and run strings wherever you would like your fence. on this line, set your posts a most of 8′ apart, fallible on the facet of seven.5′ or so. you combine up a batch of concrete, dig associate about 2′ hole within the ground, pour the concrete in, and stick the post within the ground. At now, before the concrete sets, use tier to induce the post as straight up and down as attainable. you ought to brace it at this level position with some tiny stakes. Once the concrete sets, fill within the remainder of the outlet with dirt.


You will seemingly have some leftover posts and cement baggage, that you’ll come. This step isn’t onerous to explain, however it’s plenty of labor reckoning on what proportion fence you wish. when reading au fait posts, I browse that pressure-treated 4x4s with cement find yourself being the sturdiest and longest-lasting. Cedar works well for pickets and rails however rots quicker once in direct ground contact.

Once the posts are up and therefore the concrete has set, you wish to chop them to the identical height. I grabbed a 2×4, marked it at 66″, and used it as a regard to mark a line on every post. Then, I took my power saw with an outsized cord, and zipped off the highest of every post. it’s attainable to do for a additional aesthetic arrangement, however we have a tendency to merely cut every post to 66″ from the bottom, and therefore the result came out nicely, rising and falling with the slope of the bottom.


Rails / Stringers


Next, you wish to place up rails or stringers or no matter you decide on to decision them. Simply put, you wish three 2x4s between every of your posts, except gates. we have a tendency to did the gates last. The rails are hooked up to the posts with two.5″ deck screws. If you don’t have a conductor impact driver or screw-driving drill, purchase one for this task, definitely.


I used the same trick to finding heights on posts for this. I grabbed a pair of spare 2x4s, and cut them to the length I required on the rails.

In my case, i feel I went with 10″, 30″, and 60″ or thereabouts. primarily for a 6′ fence, you would like a post close to the highest, bottom, and middle to carry up the fence and keep the pickets straight. For a shorter fence, 2 rails may live up to.


In any case, to start, use the guides to form marks at ten, 30, and sixty inches on the primary post. Clamp one amongst the guides, say the 60″, to the second post. Hold the 2×4 to the mark on the primary post, lined up wherever you would like it, and rest it on the orient the second post, associate assistant helps here. permit the 2×4 to travel too way past the second post, you’ll see why in an exceedingly minute. Use your impact driver to place two two.5″ deck screws through the 2×4 into every post. On the second post, take care to stay the screws on the left 1/2 the post.


Two rails meeting at a post, saying hi


After you drive within the screws, you ought to be watching a chunk of 2×4 that appears correct by the primary post, is screwed into the second post, and goes too way past the second post. At now, I grabbed my power saw, and zipped it off regarding halfway across the second post. Set it for a rather deeper than one.5″ cutting depth, that is that the true dimension of a 2×4. you’ll discard the scrap piece you chop off. Repeat this procedure for the opposite 2 rails during this section.

Then, to try and do the following set of rails, merely repeat the procedure. Move the guide to the third post. Then, on what was the second post, merely hold the 2×4 up to mate with the last one you probably did. the tip result’s that you just will run all of your rails and have them look fairly nice while not having to waste time premeasuring the posts. the sole downside was that the cuts didn’t look as clean as they might have and scarred the posts a bit bit. In my opinion, since that facet is between the pickets and therefore the posts, I can’t see it therefore I didn’t worry regarding it. just in case it helps, pictured is one amongst the joints between the rails to form it clear what you’re going for.


Pickets – the toughest half


You can barely see the procedure within the yonder distance, have a look at the yonder pretty onerous


This is the worst a part of the whole project. it’s the slowest and most tough. you may get a physical exertion, on the and facet. this can be in all probability the best a part of the fence to clarify, on the opposite and facet. to try and do this half, rent, borrow, or purchase a framing worker. there’s merely no different thanks to make out. you are doing not wish to pound nails in by hand, and for any good sized fence, screws are terribly dear. Ring shank nails are pretty robust and enter in no time.

Having a mechanical device and a nail gun you don’t must pay rental fees on is that the best, as a result of you’ll be at this for a while reckoning on however long your fence is. If you have got no compressor access, Home Depot in our space rents each paraffin and air-powered nailers for regarding $30/day. The paraffin worker uses a chargeable battery to spark the paraffin from a cartridge to drive the nail in, variety of sort of a literal gun. It is loud, however extraordinarily transportable, and that we solely would have required regarding four cartridges to try and do our entire fence, at $10 each. we have a tendency to did that for sooner or later to induce going so borrowed a worker and mechanical device from my in-law, that was nice as a result of we have a tendency to didn’t must purchase or modification out cartridges or recharge batteries, however it did need driving the mechanical device round the curtilage.


Finished the rear


I used 2 spare 2×4’s, marked at 6′, to assist place the pickets. What I did was clamp them to the posts 2-3 sections apart, reckoning on the slope of the bottom, and run a string terribly tight between them. That gave American state associate indicator of wherever 6′ was. the space depends on the slope of the bottom as a result of once you solely wish to span a bit with a relentless slope. In different words, the bottom ought to be steady flat, rising, or falling between your 2 markers, instead of having a hill or natural depression, to confirm your pickets take off straight. The goal here is to possess the highest of the pickets right at the string, wherever the string is at a height specified you have got a couple of 1″ gap between the picket and therefore the ground. If the pickets sit on the bottom, they’ll rot, and therefore the fence won’t interference over time.


Elevator, going up!


I used a pair of clamps to carry the picket tightly to the rail wherever I needed it and drove six nails, 2 per rail. Rinse and repeat. each few pickets, I used the extent to form positive my pickets were straight vertically. For aslope sections, the pickets keep straight at a relentless distance from the bottom, as pictured. The pickets ought to be spaced regarding 1/8″ apart, therefore there’s area for them to expand and contract while not busting off of the fence.

As you progress on the fence, clearly you merely move the reference 2×4’s down and readjust. Once you reach the tip of a facet, you may have a spot that’s but the dimension of a picket. I merely measured the space and used alittle table saw to chop a picket lengthwise, creating a smaller picket.


If you purchase in bulk, you’re invariably visiting get some pickets that are cracked or too badly crooked to use. Home Depot, at least, takes these back and exchanges them, therefore arrange on having some variety of technique to move these.


As mentioned, we have a tendency to needed 2 12′ gates to accomodate a vehicle. The builders counseled 10′, however we have a tendency to’re glad we went with twelve. there’s many area to back the trailer up through the gates on one facet and pull our truck through on the opposite. i feel had the gates been any smaller, it might have created it terribly tough. as a result of we have a tendency to had such massive gates, we have a tendency to used 6×6 rather than 4×4 for posts on either facet.

We finished up paying regarding $400 per gate, as well as wood and hardware, to possess the builders do them. I checked out doing it myself, however it absolutely was a awfully massive span on some land that slopes fairly steeply from one gate post to the opposite, therefore it absolutely was regarding as difficult as gates get. currently that we’ve seen them make out, i might feel assured doing it myself next time. As it was, the gate hardware and wood alone were regarding $200-$300, therefore i feel it absolutely was worthwhile.


Closeup of hinge mount with the gate closed


As mentioned before, for gates within the 10′ to 12′ section, it’s wise use 6x6s rather than 4x4s for the posts. The builders had a creative system to make the gates. First, they founded the rails. They quickly screwed 12′ or 16′ 2×4’s in across the whole span, straight into the posts, going with the ground’s slope. With the rails within the correct place, they were ready to install the hinges and cross-braces. Lastly, they used a saber saw to chop the rails within the middle and at the posts, therefore the effect is framing for the gate that swings properly against the slope of the bottom.


One issue I wasn’t wild regarding was that they used nails to attach all the gate framing along. I went back with my impact driver, and unsuccessful some deck screws into some crucial framing locations to strengthen their nails. in addition, they failed to use any variety of
gate turnbuckle. The diagonal wood brace they created works by pushing the center of the gate up from the underside of the posts. The turnbuckle connected works the alternative direction: it pulls the middle bottom of the gate up towards the highest of the posts. The key advantage to the turnbuckle system is that once a gate begins to sag, you’ll tighten the turnbuckle additional and pull it make a copy. once our gate starts to sag, i’ll be putting in a turnbuckle. luckily it’s low-cost and simple to try and do.

Opens from either side


To complete it, they merely had to nail within the pickets and add some hardware. They conjointly picked the latch for United States of America, exploitation this vogue I hadn’t seen before, however adore. it’s trivial to open the gate from either facet, while not the hinge being excessively sophisticated. They conjointly did the cane bolt.


The cane bolt is that the long rod that holds one facet of the gate closed, pictured on the left down from the latch. Installation of 1 of those is absolutely easy; you simply screw it into the gate. the sole trick is that if you’re exploitation it on grass, as within the image, you wish to sink a chunk of PVC tube or one thing into the bottom therefore it holds properly. If you’re putting in the gate over concrete, you ought to use a masonry bit to drill a hole for it to sit down in.


Wrapping Up And Lessons Learned


That just about sums it up. Building a fence isn’t sophisticated, however it’s definitely labour-intensive. We’re glad with our results. we have a tendency to did have some lessons learned, though.


One way to form the method quicker is to use pre-built panels. we have a tendency to thought of this feature, however it very solely works if you have got a superbly flat ground to figure on; you will’t slope the pickets with the bottom nicely such as you can if you designed it exploitation the strategy represented during this article. In my opinion, the pre-built panels can seldom take off trying nice, apart from absolutely the flattest yards.

I do want I had been a bit bit pickier with the pickets. there have been some that were slightly crooked, and that i merely nailed them up anyway. I didn’t wish to stay going back to the shop. As you’ll see from the finished image on the proper, we’ve got many pickets that are perceptibly crooked when they’d an opportunity to dry out, that keeps the fence from trying as nice because it may. I may have dried the wood out before doing this, however I didn’t have anyplace inside to position this a lot of wood. the $64000 answer would be to travel to a nicer grade of wood, however that may have dramatically exaggerated the value of the fence, therefore I simply left it alone.


Lastly, I hurried in one or 2 areas once obtaining the peak and level of the pickets correct. It’s one thing the general public don’t notice unless I purpose it out, however if I did it everywhere, i might attempt to be a bit additional careful during this regard.







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