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How to Build a Vinyl Lattice Fence

Vinyl Lattice Fence

A vinyl lattice fence affords just the proper amount of privateness and is easier to build than a general wood fence. those varieties of fences closing longer than wooden lattice fences because they are constituted of poly vinyl chloride (percent). The panels are offered as pre-fabricated vinyl panels reducing out the time-eating step of cutting pickets. follow those steps to quick construct a vinyl lattice fence round your property

Step 1 – Set and deploy the Posts

Decide the amount of cloth required through measuring out the width and period of the location to be fenced. this can come up with the rectangular pictures. Take this data in your nearest landscaping center and they may help you parent out how many vinyl panels, timber posts and wood rails you will want. generally, posts are spaced six to eight feet aside.

For every hole, placed one or 75-pound luggage of powdered short-placing cement. Soak the hollow with water. location the submit within the hole. Use the wood worker’s level to ensure it is stage. Brace it in order that it doesn’t move as it dries. Do the identical for the following posts ensuring they’re all stage and line up evenly the use of the string. permit concrete to completely set earlier than going onto the following step. The time for this will range relying on humidity levels and temperatures. Drying recommendations are typically posted on the bag of your selected logo of brief-setting cement. Paint the posts if you would really like to have them suit the vinyl panels.

Step 2 – install the Rails

Degree the placement of the fence rail brackets. make sure they’re within the identical spot on every of the posts to make certain the framework in even and stage. As a general tenet, the lowest bracket should be no extra than 12 inches from the floor and no less than six inches from the ground. The top rail may be installed 4 ft to six ft off the floor relying on the peak of your fence.

Paint the rails, in case you desire.

Step three – deploy the Vinyl Lattice Fence Panels

Function the primary panel in order that it’s stage and perfectly aligned vertically and horizontally. Screw the panel into the rails using just three deck screws to assist you to do any adjustments as vital. whilst the panel is nicely aligned, absolutely screw it into the wood rails after which insert fasteners about each six inches.

Cut the panels if vital. be sure to use a circular saw with vinyl-cutting blade to reduce stress at the vinyl. in case you don’t have a vinyl blade, you can make a everyday blade work by means of flipping it so it rotates inside the opposite route. this could do a comparable component as a vinyl slicing blade and place much less pressure at the panels used in a vinyl lattice fence.







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