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How to build portable dog fence

It is Movable and Reusable, Too!


We’ve been on what we call our “journey test” for the past two years, locating incredible locations to stay wherein we are able to enjoy new adventures in our life!


No longer too long in the past, we moved to a cabin inside the mountains of North Georgia. it’s doggie heaven here with lots of exquisite hiking opportunities and remains near canine agility competition at the weekends!

Being the herding breed i’m, I want plenty of workout! And we also like to practice canine agility in the open area round our cabin, thoroughly and securely. So Mum decided to construct us a amazing less expensive dog fence for Gracie and that i to get our zoomies on, practice our favorite pursuits, and struggle to our hearts’ content, all at the same time as retaining secure and at ease.


Considering the fact that we’re renting in the course of our journey test, Mum wanted a fence that became clean, short, inexpensive, movable, and reusable. So she researched and researched, and got here up with a pawsome solution. We had this equal fence up at our last cabin. All we did turned into take down the netting, pull up the stakes and circulate it to our subsequent cabin to position proper back up. clean!


Our dog fence is nearly 2 hundred ft lengthy and wraps nearly absolutely around our cabin. it really is my little bro, Rach, checking out a deer through the netting. you could slightly see as it blends into the herbal panorama thoroughly, don’t you suspect?

Here’s a listing of all of the elements Mum bought for our fence and their approximate fees. the total fee was underneath $three hundred.00 while we built it in 2012 ($350 for 2018 pricing) and the fine component is that after we moved to our new cabin and set the fence up for a 2d time, it failed to fee us a issue!:


Studded T-put up, five toes., 1.25 lb. in line with foot: Tractor deliver Co.


Approximate cost: $a hundred and fifty (for a 2 hundred ft. fence)


Mum desired our fence to be easily eliminated because we are renting our cool cabin during our journey test, so she bought metal t-posts that she ought to pound into the ground herself. She sold forty of them for our 200-foot-long fence, with five’ spacing between posts.

Speeco Farmex publish motive force:


Approximate fee: $30


To pound the stakes into the floor, Mum purchased a publish driver. it is a heavy driver, so when you location it over the top of the t-posts, the burden of the motive force facilitates pound them in easily.


Tenax 2A140073 pet Fence pick out puppy Fence, Black, 4′ x a hundred’
Approximate price: $140.00 (for a two hundred ft. fence)
because the terrain around our cabin could be very uneven, Mum desired a fencing cloth that might be very flexible. So she examined extraordinary forms of fencing and settled on garden/deer netting. it’s great robust or even our dog nails won’t rip it. (word: when we purchased this fencing again in 2012 they didn’t call it ‘puppy Fence.’ Now they do! wonder if we hand anything to do with that?)


Plastic Cable Zip Ties one hundred-p.c. (Black):

Approximate price: $10


To relaxed the netting to the t-posts, Mum purchased numerous applications of cable ties. hint: We learned over the years that you can purchase heavy duty zip ties that are about half” thick. these are the ones we recommend.


Landscaping Anchor Pins


Approximate price: $20


To prevent Gracie and me from digging our way out underneath the fringe, Mum bought landscaping anchor pins to comfortable the fencing into the floor.



Here is a step-via-step manual outling how Mum constructed our uber cool canine fence!


Making plans: step one to any successful DIY project is planning. So Mum visually planned out wherein she would positioned the fence, then started out laying out where she would region the stakes, positioning a stake each five toes along the brand new fence line.


Raking: considering the fact that we stay in the mountains, a few regions of where we desired our fence had been densely blanketed with leaves and debris. Mum raked until all of the leaves, sticks, and smaller rocks had been out of the fence location to hold down ticks, chiggers, and different little critters that could malicious program us.


Staking: once the area turned into freed from particles, Mum commenced pounding inside the t-posts with the post motive force. until she came upon a few very strong rock, she may want to relaxed one of these stakes within the ground with approximately five or six kilos, making sure that the butterfly stake portion of the t-submit was absolutely underground to preserve our feet secure.

Netting: as soon as all of the stakes had been in, Mum commenced rolling out the netting and attaching it to the t-posts with the cable/zip ties. She first made positive that she left approximately five-6 inches of netting mendacity at the ground toward the interior of the fence region, straightened the pinnacle of the netting and then secured the pinnacle cable/zip tie first.


Anchoring: as soon as she had the top of the netting secured, she may want to without difficulty straighten out the netting from the bottom of the fence line and anchor the netting into the floor with the anchor pins (approximately 3 pins spaced calmly between the five-foot place between the t-posts). Then, once the netting turned into taught and immediately, she used the cable ties to secure the middle and backside of the netting to the t-posts.

Operating it! Mum could pass directly to the subsequent publish and the next, securing the cable ties and anchor pins till the fence turned into whole.


Zip Ties – pinnacle


Here is a close up of ways the zip ties have been used at the pinnacle of the fence.


Zip Ties – backside


Here is a close up of the way the zip ties were used at the lowest of the fence.


Landscaping Pins


Here is a close up of the way the landscaping pins were used to comfy the fence to the floor at the lowest.

Fence Gate


Here’s a close up of ways we secured a fence gate utilising a lighter weight fence submit with a bungee wire to the tree.


The cease result!


Here’s what a portion of our fence seems like all finished! It ended up taking Mum about 10 hours general over three days to complete each step, from planning to raking (that took three hours), pounding the stakes, and securing the netting.


Have to say i am quite proud of my Mum! thanks, Mum, for a pawsome fenced-in backyard!


A few updates after five+ years!

Right here are a few updates after having our fence for the past 5+ years:


We’ve got pulled up and put back off the fence in 3 locations now as we moved more than one times to new cabins. it is held up exceptional! just multiple rips at the bottom, which we definitely zip tied together and staked down.


We woke up one morning and found a part of the fence torn down while we first moved into our modern-day cabin. appears a deer or bear were not used to our fence being there and ran right via it. it’s constantly good to check your fence earlier than letting the pups out!


We’ve got discovered residing cabin existence that snakes can easily get via the openings of the fencing material. There are a pair of factors you can do to deter snakes: 1) you could add extra fencing to the lowest of your modern fence, up about 12 inches, certainly layering the fencing over the existing fence, making the 1″ holes smaller to discourage snakes; or 2) you can sprinkle sulfer round your fence line among rains. Snakes don’t like sulfer. but be sure you don’t already have snakes in your yard earlier than doing this or the ones interior your yard will get very indignant. Been there!

Gracie became a quite unbiased soul; we misplaced her to pneumonia last year in 2017. every now and then she’d get all riled up, grasp the fence with her mouth and rip it right down, at the same time as I, Johann, (the little black and white doggy) could stand at the outlet, barking at her to get returned here! This was rare and she or he could be unfastened at the mountain for some hours ‘until she decided to return again. So a phrase of caution…if you have a completely ambitious puppy for your palms you may need to update the deer netting with metal fencing and comfortable extra forcefully. replacing with wire fencing is actually smooth with all of your stakes in region.


The pricing of the objects of direction has long past up over time, so we have up to date pricing to mirror cutting-edge charges (as of 2018).







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