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How To Explain Vinyl Fence Styles To Your Partner

How do I figure out the quantity of vinyl fencing I want?

Previous to ordering, it’s far very useful to do a fence layout with measurements for each length of fence. if you nevertheless have questions, we’re right here to assist you at any time which you need assist.

What is the distinction among the extraordinary forms of posts?

There are 5 exceptional put up options for every form of fence. A line put up might be used whilst a fence segment is on each facets of the posts. An stop submit is used when there’s only a segment of fence on one side of the put up (as an example, at the give up of a line of fence or on the gates). A corner submit is used at corners, and a T post is used while there is a want for fence to run three distinctive approaches at the posts. blank posts are most typically used when a gate is up in opposition to the house and you without a doubt want a submit towards the house for a latch or hinge put up and no fence will be going into the put up.

How tall am i able to make my vinyl fence?

You have many top options with vinyl fencing – it’s miles recommended that any fence over 6′ tall have the posts bolstered. usually test with local building codes earlier than having your vinyl fence mounted.

Am i able to install the vinyl fence myself?

All our vinyl fences come with written commands. also, any vinyl fence bought from Tennessee Valley Fence include set up support. Please feel free to contact us in case you ever have any questions about putting in your vinyl fence or go to our how to deploy web page under the sources menu. we have many certified installers which are inclined to assist you for a easy set up of your fence product. provide us a attempt – possibly you’ll even learn few guidelines from experts that will make your installation a chunk less complicated!

Are posts protected with every fence panel or gate?

No, posts are not automatically included with any fence panel or gate purchase.

You need to order posts for panel-to-panel connections. And, you commonly want to order 2 Gate Posts for any unmarried, arched, double or estate gate.

For “in ground” packages where my posts may be cemented into the ground, how deep do the posts want to move and how much cement do I need to use?

The depth of your put up for “in floor” packages ultimately is primarily based upon your neighborhood building codes. We recommend, at minimal, that your posts need to be at the least 2 feet longer than the peak of your fence or gate; however, in case you’re in a place of the u . s . a . with frost line issues, you will be required to reserve longer posts. It’s very smooth to check along with your HOA or your nearby constructing codes to decide what’s required on your, specific neighborhood. And, we suggest doing so.

The quantity of cement required for each hollow will rely on a) how deep your posts could be sunk and b) how extensive a hole you dig for each post. maximum customers use a 6″ or 8″ auger for their posts however you’ll need to make modifications on-web page primarily based upon the two variables listed above. there’s no set rule for this and it’s special primarily based upon the application, place, size of put up, and local building codes.

Do you cement the posts?

For maximum balance, we advocate that posts be cemented. it is recommended which you deal with vinyl posts the same as you will wooden posts. If it is commonplace and everyday to cement fence posts in your area, then you should cement the vinyl posts. Posts are cemented round them and no longer internal. cease and nook posts may be cemented internal additionally, 1/four way into the publish.

How large must the hole be if I’m cementing the posts?

An awesome rule of thumb is dig the hole anywhere from 18″ to 24″ deep, relying on the peak of the fence you’ve got ordered and put cement inside two inches of the top of the hole (across the submit).

How do your fence panels hook up with your posts?

Our posts are prepunched based totally upon “your” fence panel configuration (fashion, peak, range of horizontal rails…and many others.). This makes for such an easy, streamlined set up that anyone can installation our fencing and gate machine.

Help With Our on line services…

Can Fence determine out what I want?

Certainly, we’re glad to help in doing a fence takeoff for each consumer. this is a positive step in making sure you aren’t quick on materials or order an excessive amount of material whilst you are putting in your fence. you could e-mail a fence format or fax the takeoff at any time and we can contact you normally in the subsequent commercial enterprise day with the materials you want and a value for your order.

How do I location an order?

We have hooked up several ways so that you can order. The Fence internet site has the functionality to manner your order from start to complete. To area an order on-line, honestly click on on our descriptive merchandise pages and choose the products you wish to buy. the goods pages will come up with an possibility to pick out the quantity of items which you would love to purchase. observe the prompts to buy the items on your buying cart and you’re executed. It’s simple. if you experience extra comfy talking with one among our representatives, simply call at some point of business hours and you’ll be assisted with the aid of one or knowledgeable representatives. whether or not you order on line, or name in, we sense assured you may be glad along with your choice to buy your vinyl fence from us.

How lengthy does it take for my order to deliver?

Most fence and gate orders deliver in approximately 2 weeks. We’re rapid! It’s no longer genuine because our production workflow fluctuates from week, to week, to week. some orders deliver out in 7 to 10 enterprise days however don’t keep us to it. maximum manufacturers have about a four – five week fabrication time. extra fabrication time might be required for custom orders. We ship direct to your own home or enterprise anywhere in the continental. delivery times can range. strive now not to wait till the ultimate minute to reserve, it will make the entire method a great deal extra clean to manage, and fun.

Our aid crew will electronic mail you the day your order leaves our web page and provide you with monitoring information on your shipment.

I’m ordering a bunch of fence panels, gates and posts. Can i have my posts shipped one by one earlier of the remainder of my order? Is there any downside to doing this?

This is never carried out. First, in case you need your posts shipped separately you will incur a separate (extra) shipping fee at greater price. 2d, splitting your fence panel / gate / post order into 2 orders will now not speed up your order in any way.

What special techniques of contact are to be had to contact Tennessee Valley Fence?

Many alternatives are available to order your product or ask a question about your order. The contact page explains what specific alternatives are available.

What is the Vinyl made of?

The bottom aspect is inflexible % (poly vinyl chloride) Homopolymer compound with a high level of Titanium Dioxide pigment for long time, ultraviolet (UV) mild resistance and impact modifiers for advanced energy (TiO2 vonyrny 12ppm). The formulation is similar to that of vinyl siding and home windows which have a 20 yr history of supplying long time sturdiness and structural integrity.

Will the Vinyl burn?

Percent has a flash point of about 900 stages and does not easily ignite. Vinyl fences are classified as “Self-Extinguishing”. Our vinyl fence is fireplace retardant.

Will the Vinyl fence yellow?

Be careful earlier than you buy due to the fact some vinyl fences will yellow whilst uncovered to excessive climate situations.

Fence vinyl fencing contains the maximum Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) which prevents ultraviolet degradation. All our vinyl fence products bring an entire life transferable warranty, from the producer in opposition to bizarre discoloration.

Will the Vinyl fence ruin in cold or hot weather?

As with maximum plastics, vinyl turns into less flexible in chillier weather conditions. but, except subjected to uncommon impact, it’ll not spoil. it’s far everyday for vinyl fence substances to enlarge and agreement during temperature changes. Our merchandise have been engineered to deal with everyday temperature swings.

How strong are Vinyl fences?

Vinyl fencing has been modified with a chemical compound to face up to, if not prevent, ordinary impacts. The formula of our cloth has been tailor-made to meet or exceed the requirements important for advanced performance of the product.

How lengthy will my vinyl fence closing?

Vinyl fences are designed to ultimate a life-time. they are sponsored by using a transferable, lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Is Vinyl fencing upkeep-free?

Vinyl Fencing requires very little protection. under regular conditions this protection is inside the form of annual washing of the fence to keep it searching new. there is no staining or painting wished.

Can the Vinyl fence spoil?

Vinyl Fencing will handiest ruin if subjected to a right away effect (e.g. an vehicle going for walks into a fence line). beneath everyday use, the vinyl fence will now not spoil when hooked up well. Planks, pickets and rails are easily changed if damaged. in case you are in this example and would really like to order a component, check with our replacement elements web page inside the Vinyl segment for extra instructions.

How does Vinyl Fence get up in the wind?

Most vinyl fences are designed to resist ordinary winds. the amount of wind that can be handled is dependent on the set up of the posts and horizontal rails. If installed in line with Fence specs, the fences are designed to rise up to above average wind hundreds. as an instance, our privacy Fence can with stand over 80mph winds, and with correct installation can cross over a hundred mph.

Does Vinyl fencing amplify?

It’s miles everyday for vinyl fence materials to expand and settlement at some stage in temperature adjustments.

Will Vinyl Fence fade?

Under regular use, our a hundred% virgin vinyl fences will no longer fade. All our merchandise are protected below producer assurance for uncommon fading or peculiar discoloration.

Will the Vinyl fence crack, chip, peel or rot?

In the course of the life of the fence you need to not assume to locate surface cracking, peeling, chipping or rotting. Any unusual occurrences are covered below your lifetime assurance.

What is the cost of Vinyl fencing as compared to wooden?

The cost of vinyl is incredibly just like wooden. also in case you calculate the value of timber fence preservation then vinyl is really a advanced product and cheaper ultimately.

How secure is Vinyl fencing?

Because there are not any protruding sharp screws, nails, and splinters, it is not likely that your circle of relatives and guests will suffer any harm, even though making a decision to self-deploy. you’ll additionally discover that the lack of flavor in % cloth decreases the probability of horse chewing.

How does Vinyl fencing maintain up to weed eaters?

As with all p.c and timber products, direct touch with garden and lawn gadget can cause harm to the posts. Use warning when working any sort of equipment near fence posts, particularly commercial trimmers, which are extra aggressive.

Will it mold or gather mold?

Vinyl merchandise will, while subjected to prolonged damp weather, gather mold and mould. they are, however, effortlessly cleaned with a solution of moderate household detergent and water.

How do I easy Vinyl?

As with all outdoors products, the fence turns into grimy while exposed to the factors. A moderate detergent and water should be sufficient to hold your fence or deck rail searching new. For tough stains, “gentle scrub” or baking soda works nicely. easy inexperienced and metal wool also works to easy stubborn stains.

Are vinyl fences graffiti proof?

Although no longer categorized as graffiti evidence, vinyl fencing is simple to smooth and paint comes off with just a little effort. it can require the use of a stress washer or in severe instances the usage of lacquer thinner. A four hundred grit sandpaper may be used whilst some spots will not come off using the above methods.







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