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how to get rid of Vinyl Fence Posts

Vinyl Fence Posts

Advantage of vinyl fences is that you may relocate them if essential. The fence slats and rails hook up with screw-and-bolt fasteners to the posts. when you cast off the fencing substances, only the posts are left. The procedure for getting rid of vinyl posts differs from that used for popular posts. not like general posts, you should now not rock vinyl posts to and fro, as this may harm them. most vinyl fence nook posts are sleeves located over 4-with the aid of-four-inch posts and set in concrete.

Wet the ground thoroughly around the vinyl fence posts with a garden hose. This softens the soil across the submit for simpler digging.

Dig directly down on each side of a submit with a posthole digger. Vinyl fence posts normally are set in holes simply large enough to accommodate them. This requires less concrete fill and less room required while putting off them.

Continue digging on all four aspects until you attain the lowest of the submit. Vinyl fence posts are normally set 2- to three-toes deep. Have a pal help in pulling the fence publish out of the floor.

Tips & Warnings

A few fence posts aren’t set in concrete and could now not require an assistant to help pull them out of the floor.

If posthole diggers aren’t available, you may dig across the post with a shovel. Posthole diggers are to be had for lease at a few home-development facilities.







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