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How to Install a Privacy Fence

1. Use an electrical pneumatic hammer to chop away a part of the asphalt drive at the primary post location.
2. Stretch a taut mason line from the primary post location to ascertain the position of the second post.
3. Use a post-hole digger to excavate a 30-inch-deep hole for every post.
4. Slide associate atomic number 13 I-beam into every vinyl post and secure them with ¾-inch self-tapping screws.
5. Pour one 80-pound bag of concrete into a barrow, add six pints of water, and blend well with a shovel.
6. Dump 2 full shovels of concrete into the primary hole.

7. Set associate aluminum-fortified vinyl post within the hole and plumb it with level.
8. Shovel a lot of concrete round the post, filling the opening to among three inches of grade.
9. pack together the concrete with a steel bar, then sleek the concrete with a trowel.
10. Repeat Steps half-dozen through nine to put in the second post.
11. Set a vinyl post cap on prime of every post, then enable the concrete to cure for twenty-four hours.
12. Use a sawing machine to chop away the recent picket fence.
13. Pull up and discard the recent fence posts.
14. beginning at the high finish of the property, use the post-hole digger to excavate the primary 30-inch-deep fence-post hole.
15. Cut a pressure-treated 6×6 to span from the underside finish of a fence post up to all-time low mortise.
16. Slip the 6×6 into the underside finish of the fence post, then stand the post within the hole.
17. Check the post for plumb, then fill around it with twelve inches of concrete.
18. Compact the concrete with a steel bar.

19. Stretch a mason line from the primary fence post to the so much finish of the mete. Tie off the string to a picket or metal stake.
20. Dig the intermediate postholes on the mete, as indicated by the mason line.
21. If your yard slopes down, stretch a grade string across the mete, positioning it half-dozen inches on top of the bottom.
22. Install a vinyl fence panel against the primary fence post. Secure the panel by driving 2½-inch deck screws through the post and into the horizontal rails.
23. Conceal every screwhead with a snap-closure plastic cap.
24. Install the following post to support the other finish of the fence panel. Check to substantiate that all-time low mortise is even with the grade string.
25. Secure the panel by roll in the hay through the second post and into the rails.
26. Pour twelve inches of concrete round the post, then backfill with soil.
27. Repeat to put in the remaining panels and posts.

28. Install a vinyl cap to the highest of every fence post, then take away all the grade stakes and strings.
29. Fortify the vertical frame of the gate with pressure-treated 4x4s.
30. Screw the gate hinges through the vinyl posts and into the atomic number 13 I-beam.
31. Then install the gate handle, latch, and cane bolt.







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