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How to install a pvc fence

Installation technique of PVC landscape railing


The full name of PVC landscape railing is PVC plastic steel railing, its “plastic steel” aforesaid, thanks to the shortage of plastic is its stiffness is poor, thus within the assembly of the structure, the plastic structure items in accordance with the necessities of wind load lining steel for reinforcement, to form up for its lack, therefore the name of plastic steel railing.


Installation steps of PVC landscape guardrail:


1, PVC landscape railing is additional bolstered steel materials, thus within the method of installation is that the would like for column steel lining, within the method of the steel lining between the spacing style size is uniform, consistent, thus on make sure that the semi-finished product and pre-assembly are often with success connected.

2, next to cross, nut to fence installation, steel lining per the interval size installation, began to put in ChengChongDian in the main strengthen accessories installation, strengthen components should be put in, or fence is giving the wind and rain, and within the construction web site, to be fastened, barrier between horizontal line and column connections is must be fastened.


3, PVC railing before putting in, landscape is that the would like for a solid foundation, due to the barrier is that the must be fastened below the cement or below the planet, thus at the time of installation railing, life should be stable, sometimes will use chemical and mechanical bolt screw fastened check this manner, in the main to the pipe steel lining plate to a hard and fast, fastened is within the center of the lower base components of a line uniform.

4, change the benchmark, within the distance of a line, pull the entire section, the higher and lower limit is needed to possess 2 parallel lines, thus you’ll be able to make sure that when the installation, the higher and lower finish of the railing is flat.







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