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How to Install Lattice Fence Panels

Lattice fence panels can be useful for many purposes. they could disguise imperfections in a backyard, display areas that you don’t need to show, offer privacy and guide vine plants. they may be light-weight and can be made from numerous materials including Bamboo or Cedar timber. you could purchase the geared up made lattice fence panels and get them mounted by means of a professional or you can do it yourself as properly. observe the instructions beneath to apprehend the method for putting in the Lattice Fence panels.

Step 1 – determining the location

to begin with, you should determine the vicinity where you plan to put in the fence. test the nearby regulations related to allowed fence height and setbacks. additionally, speak in your friends to determine the possession and obligation regarding the fences. hire a professional for surveying your property and staining your boundaries, so you don’t free your funding to any avenue enlargement or sidewalk installation. You have to recollect no longer to put in your fences across or immediately adjacent to the regions having underground wires or pipes.

Step 2 – installing the Posts

in case you are planning to install the panels that are freestanding, you ought to install posts for assist. in case your timber lattice panels are four’ x 8’ in size, you should area the publish holes about 8’ aside. Dig the submit holes. Dig about 3’ down in order that the tall posts above 6’ are supplied greater support and balance. For improving the drainage to your lattice fence, apply 2” of beaten stone to the put up holes’ bottom. Now, you should set the four x four posts in the holes. You should align them properly and make sure that they’re leveled with each different. Use a plum bob with the aid of hanging it from a spirit level for ensuring that the posts are at a ninety diploma angel from the level floor. If on a slope, make certain that both the post tops decrease within the slope on the same ratio. when you are accomplished with alignment and leveling, use the short putting cement for concreting inside the posts. allow the posts to set for at least an afternoon before you continue.

Step 3 – Screwing the Panels

Now, it is time for the set up of the panels. Prop the panels up towards the posts. decide the factors on the panels where you want to drill holes for screwing the fencing to the posts and mark them. once you’ve got drilled the holes, screw the panels to the posts through them. If there is any excess of the panels above the ends, use a jigsaw to trim it.

Step 4 – Giving final Touches

For making the fencing attractive, you could continually affix any ornamental submit caps in keeping with your preference. to offer an attractive appearance to the fencing at the same time as shielding it from weather situations, use a water sealer or protector. You have to do that yearly so that the timber fencing does no longer gray or lose its beauty.







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