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How To Install Vinyl Fence

Laying Out the website for your Fence

Take time to put out the fence carefully. An incorrect measurement now should bring about troubles later. Use graph paper to make the drawing simpler. Make provisions for the widths of the fence panels and gates so that you might not end up with peculiar-sized bays which could complicate set up. to plot your fence:


Step 1

Stake out your fence line from beginning to end, along with corners and any gates.

Step 2

Tie a string tautly among nook put up places. this could define the road alongside which the road posts might be positioned. degree your panels before appearing the following steps.

Step 3

Using the equal measurement as the length of your panels, stake out the road submit places. degree on middle from each corner publish along the format lines:

For six-foot fence panels, use five-inch-by means of-five-inch posts positioned seventy three 1/four inches apart on middle.

For 8-foot panels, use four-via-4 posts placed 96 inches aside on middle.

Step 4

Mark each post place with a stake. ensure that the stakes are touching the format string so the posts could be in line. recollect to take gates under consideration at this degree.

Handling Slopes

Putting in a vinyl fence on a slope requires the use of the step approach: the fence regularly steps up the slope so that every bay phase is the equal duration, and the rails are degree rather than parallel to the slope.

Whilst staking out line posts on a slope for a step technique set up, you’ll want a real horizontal dimension for post placement. do not measure parallel to the ground slope. To reap the proper format:

Degree from the preceding stake whilst holding the tape horizontally.

Use a 2-with the aid of-four to extend from the proper tape size to the ground to discover the placement of the stake. properly done, the tape will shape a proper attitude with the 2-by way of-4.

Preserve this measuring approach for the rest of the slope until the ground levels out.

Digging Postholes to your Fence

Step 1

Dig postholes

Using a posthole digger or power auger, dig the holes 10 inches in diameter. The depth will depend on soil conditions on your place. seek advice from your neighborhood building government for unique policies. a good rule of thumb is to place 1/three of the post inside the floor.

Step 2

Dig the hollow 6 inches deeper than needed to allow for gravel backfill earlier than the hole is filled with concrete.

Step 3

Predominant (terminal) and gateposts have to be set 6 inches deeper for added electricity. hold the peak of your fence panels in mind when digging your postholes.

Step 4

Backfill every hole with 6 inches of gravel to drain water far from the bottom of the submit.

Placing Posts to your Fence

Step 1

After the gravel is brought, fill the hollow with concrete. A brief-setting variety can be used to hurry the technique, but comply with instructions for the way long the concrete should set.

Step 2

Tap the hollow submit into the concrete so the concrete fills the center part of the post in the hole. faucet the submit all the way down to the top of the gravel. Plumb and degree each post. Overfill holes on the top. the use of a trowel, slope the concrete far from the submit to prevent water from amassing round it.

Step 3

Installation cease and nook primary posts first. Tie a string among these posts alongside the fence line. this will establish a reference so that you can make sure the line posts are set in line. take a look at every submit to make certain it’s plumb the use of a degree on adjacent sides.

Step 4

Earlier than the concrete units, take a look at plumb and alignment once more and make any essential modifications.

Step 5

Allow the concrete to set according to the manufacturer’s instructions earlier than installing the fence panels.

Exact to understand

Lay out the fence as a dry suit before digging holes for the road posts. this will prevent the need for main adjustments later.

Attaching Vinyl Fence Panels

Step 1

Connect the rail brackets to the fence posts using screws encouraged in the manufacturer’s commands. The brackets and screws will range depending at the kind of fence being hooked up.

Step 2

While all of the rail hangers are connected to the fence posts, slide the panels into the brackets and use screws to lock the panels to the hangers.

Putting in add-ons

Glue the tops to the posts the use of vinyl adhesive. location adhesive around the inner of the pinnacle piece wherein it makes touch with the put up. Push down and preserve for 10 seconds. Wipe off any excess adhesive without delay.

Installing a Gate

The outlet for a gate between two posts must be 1 1/four inches wider than the gate itself. leave five/8 of an inch of area on every aspect between the gate and the posts to allow for the hardware clearance. the lowest of the gate need to align with the bottom of the fence.

Insert 2-by way of-4s rated for outdoor use inner every gatepost. this can offer brought strength for the attachment of gate hardware. in case you’re the use of 4-inch-by-four-inch gateposts, rip half of an inch off the extensive side of the two-with the aid of-4s. Make the wooden degree with the pinnacle of the post.

All gate backrails incorporate wooden inserts positioned eight inches in from the cease of the rail. those permit hinges or latches to be connected to the gate. Predrill the holes for the hardware on the submit and the gate.

Use hinge lag screws to mount the hinge to the gate backrail. Use latch screws to mount the latch to the post.







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