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How to install white plastic fence

1. Method flow: spring wire, drilling, expansion screw set up, constant factor welding, white plastic fence set up, floor remedy (polishing, polishing, painting, and so on.)

2. Spring line: in step with the layout requirements of the installation role, fixed point spacing and fixed manner, pop-up white plastic fence set up role center line and elevation manipulate line, online mark the constant point position.

3. Drilling and set up of growth screws: drilling and set up of growth screws shall be completed in line with the location of the bullet line of the fixed point. each fixed point shall haven’t any less than 3 M10 enlargement screws.

4. Constant factor welding: the fixed point white plastic fences and enlargement screw welding, welding ought to be firm, welding slag must be promptly cleaned, no slag phenomenon. After the of entirety of welding, anticorrosive remedy will be achieved, and hid undertaking popularity will be finished.

5. Installation of completed white plastic fence: in line with the layout drawings and construction specs, determine the length and set up technique of connecting rod (piece) combined with iron art sample:

(1) Determine the duration, height and wide variety of posts of the white plastic fence.

(2) According to the size of the road, cut off the pipe fabric one by one with a reducing system, and mark the duration and length, there should be a little bend to be corrected. consistent with the rail drawings moulds made by a fashionable first, to huge portions of quantities via this mold creation, whilst welding the armrest of 30 x 30 horizontal tube and 2525 riser center within the identical line, before welding, first adjust welding gadget welding modern-day length, too clean to burn through pipes, welding hole formation, now not firm is too small and smooth to cause welding, weld the fillet welding, weld is negative and exorbitant, have to no longer be polished, however it need to be welded, welding slag should be damaged after welding, the dissatisfaction must repair welding slag. After welding need to be piled up cautiously, now not deformation.

(3) In keeping with the measuring unreeling find out whilst the pipe give up role, use the portable cutting gadget cut out on metope and ground level floor for tube five ㎜ hole, so that when the painting can’t tube head, the hollow depth a good way to make certain inside the pipe after installation into the wall and ground paint layer isn’t less than five ㎜ shall succeed.

(4) Find out the position of the pipe quit in line with the measurement line. 14 spherical with percussion drill to drill a hole, depth of now not much less than a hundred ㎜, to make sure that a fixed firmly constant, and then to wreck into the hollow with 14 strengthened bar, the end period is not extra than 12 ㎜, constant spacing isn’t always more than 400 ㎜.

(5) Mark the welded semi-finished white plastic fences into seats in step with the original precise positions, and do no longer place them randomly, so as to purpose deformation of the white plastic fences to be moved from side to side. Up first within the lower part of the riser pipe welding on a long 6 round metallic, and then positioned is the white plastic fences, after top vertical degree of roughness, then welding is firm, the lower 6 highly can exceed 10 ㎜ spherical metal, welded after shaking flat bar there may be no instability and deformation phenomenon, in order that the paint layer falls off in the future.

(6) Polishing of white plastic fences; After the white plastic fence is welded, use the angle grinder to grind the welding slag and welding nodules out to prepare the paint. Use a grinder to easy and varnish the stubble.

6. Floor remedy: after installation, all welding joints of finished white plastic fence need to be ground and polished. Brush anticorrosive paint one, face paint . The precise colours and types shall be decided by way of party a and the layout.

7. Version creation shall be carried out first, and massive region construction will be accomplished after recognition.







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