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How to Make a Lattice Fence

Lattice fences can serve a diffusion of capabilities. they could divide outside areas, provide privacy, preserve pets in an area or children secure. all of us with primary carpentry abilities can placed up a basic post and lattice fence.

Step 1

Lay out and mark the fence line. you may use landscaping paint or stakes and strings.

Mark the locations for the posts. strive placing them eight toes apart on center.

this is a commonplace width of lattice fence panels.

Step 2

degree and reduce 4×4 posts to the determined peak of your fence, plus 24 inches .

Step 3

Dig the holes for the posts. Make the holes 24 inches deep, and compact the soil at the bottom of the hole firmly with a tamper.

Set the posts inside the holes, and upload bag(s) of equipped-mix concrete. ensure the put up is about plumb, and permit the concrete to remedy for 24 hours .

Step 4

Set one vertical give up of a 4×8 lattice panel on the vertical center line of the end fence submit. Set the alternative quit of the lattice panel in a comparable manner on the center line of the following submit.

Step 5

Use the electrical drill to make pilot holes on every edge of the lattice panels every 12 inches . attach the lattice panels to the posts by means of drilling galvanized wood screws thru the pilot holes and into the posts.

Step 6

degree and reduce horizontal participants for the fence. reduce 2×4 lumber into 8-foot pieces, and fix them to the posts at the pinnacle and bottom edges of the lattice panels.

Repeat on the other aspect, and your fence is entire.







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