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How to Make a Privacy Fence Taller

Distracting neighbors or tumble-down buildings adjacent will bring down from the pleasure of sitting in an exceedingly stunning curtilage. Solve this drawback by creating your fence taller. some further feet of fencing will create a world of distinction in what you see and listen to. in addition, creating your privacy fence taller will create a fun weekend project.


Step 1

Measure your existing fence posts then decide what quantity taller you’d just like the fence to be.


Step 2

Count range|the amount|the quantity} of fence posts around your yard and get that number of recent posts from your native home improvement or husbandry store. every new post ought to be one foot longer than the peak you would like to feature to your fence. make sure to select posts of the identical material and form as your existing posts.

Step 3

Tie the new posts to the present fence posts with heavy-duty twine or wire. Overlap the poles by a foot. flip the wire dextral, ensuring to form a minimum of 5 complete wraps per post.


Step 4

Measure the perimeter around your current enclosed space. get enough bamboo panel to travel round the entire perimeter of the fence.

Step 5

Use the heavy-duty twine or wire to tie the bamboo fencing to your new post extensions. begin with a corner or finish post and stretch the bamboo roll all the thanks to the opposite facet of the fence, attaching it with twine to every extension post as you go.







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