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How to make lattice fence panels

If whole privacy is not your goal, but you need a fenced vicinity that keeps in youngsters or animals, then a lattice fence will give you what you need and offer a ornamental appearance. adding the lattice isn’t any extra hard than putting up other types of fence panels and is less complicated to deal with for the reason that it is lighter. The completed look is not simplest appealing, however additionally semi-private as well as purposeful.

1.locate the place to begin for the fence line and tap a timber stake into the ground at that place. degree the length of the lattice panels and measure out from the first stake equal to the panel length and region every other stake. maintain down the fence line repeating the procedure. The stakes are where the fence posts might be placed.

2.Wrap twine across the first stake and run it to every additional stake along the fence line. look down the fence line on the cord to peer if the string is strolling straight. choose up stakes and regulate to get the line immediately.

3.Pull out the first stake. Dig a hole for the submit the usage of a put up hollow digger to dig the hollow manually or hire a mechanical hollow digger. Dig every hole alongside the fence line. Dig the hole to a intensity of one-third of the post plus 6 inches.

4.Fill the holes with 6 inches of overwhelmed gravel and % it down. location a publish in every hollow after the gravel is in vicinity.

5.Stake each post the usage of wire and wooden stakes so that they’re standing vertical. Use a degree to decide while they’re immediately on all facets.

6.Blend up cement mix in keeping with the package deal instructions. Make it in small batches in order that it doesn’t get too dry. mix it in a wheel barrow for smooth shipping to the submit holes.

7.Fill the holes and allow to cure for 24 to 48 hours. get rid of the stakes and wire once the cement has hardened.

8.Attach lattice panels to the facet of the posts facing internal your backyard or area. carry one panel as much as the primary posts so that it is 1 inch off the ground and the ends of the panel are on the middle of the posts’ width, or 1 3/four inches in from the perimeters. the subsequent panel will meet up to the primary panel on the mid-point of the post. Drill a 2-inch screw thru the pinnacle right corner of the lattice and into the put up.

9.Use a stage to determine when the lattice is directly on the pinnacle and screw in the different top corner. add screws at the bottom corners and at least alongside each aspect down the publish. retain for every panel down the fence line.


In case you want the fencing to look greater completed, degree and cut 1-through-four-inch boards to move over the seams between the panels, and to border the pinnacle and bottom of the panels. Use a energy noticed to cut the forums after measuring them. Screw them into area with 2-inch screws.


Call software businesses to come out and discover strains and pipe before you start to dig.







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