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How to portable electric fence gate

Whether or not you put in a fence to defend your garden from marauders, keep pets inside the backyard, or pasture sheep, a transportable electric fence ought to be well grounded so one can be powerful. putting in and connecting grounding rods is simple and brief.


Grounding Rods


You can select among galvanized metallic, copper or copper-coated metal grounding rods. Copper is a popular preference because it’s miles such an effective conductor of strength, however it also corrodes and could need to get replaced sooner or later. A galvanized metallic rod with a cope with on the pinnacle works for portable fences because it is without problems pulled up and pushed into the ground once more.

Set up


Loosen, but do now not put off, the wing nut on the floor connection at the transportable electric powered fence. drive or pound the grounding rod into the soil to a intensity of two or 3 ft. function the rod near, however now not touching, the fence charger, and then connect a wire from the floor rod to the ground connection. Wrapping the quit of the cord tightly across the rod and the relationship several times is sufficient to make touch. Tighten the wing nut on the fence.


Trying out the Fence


Use a fence tester to make sure your fence is properly grounded. to apply a fence tester, push one quit of the tester into the floor and region the other end against the fence twine. A grounded fence ought to examine beneath 300 volts on the meter.







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