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How to put up plastic snow fence

Snow fences create snow drifts and perform as wind breakers. They decrease the speed of the wind as it moves the fence and passes through the openings inside the fence. This reasons the wind to drop the snow on the downside of the fence, where you preference it to move.

Normally, snow fence need to be 12’ upwind of the favored snow go with the flow place. The fence need to be sandwiched among two wood posts, starting at not less than five” above ground. The better the snow fence is above the floor, the in addition away the glide will develop. We do not endorse placing your fence higer than 2′ above the floor. If the fence is located directly on the ground, it is going to be buried within the snow flow.

Installing Your Snow Fence: a few smooth tips

Snow fence should be attached on the upwind facet of the thicker wood post so it will blow in opposition to the post. Insert the publish 1/three their top into the floor. area the posts no extra than eight toes apart.

Pull the fence taught and nail the smaller wood post to the upwind side. This prevents the wind from tearing whilst the wind whips in opposition to the post. Use as a minimum three nails for each post to save you the fence from slipping up and down the submit.

Plastic cable is an option for extra protection. Lace the cable via the apertures in the pinnacle and backside edges of the fence.

To attach fence sections, overlap the 2 adjoining ends with the aid of as a minimum 6’ and weave thru the overlapping ends. comfortable ties.

Our snow fence may be left up all yr as a wind breaker.

Be aware: wood posts allow a positive flexibility that is critical for breaking wind. We do now not propose the use of metallic posts to secure the plastic snow fence.







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