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How to remove pool fence

Make sure your pool fence lets in you to easily open up your patio for a pool celebration or different outside fun. In only a few quick steps, you may unlatch, release, and roll up your pool fence. simply as without difficulty, you could lock it back in vicinity, maintaining your fence thoroughly in region.

1 Unlatch All Fence Sections

Protect-A-baby’s point-Lock at ease Latch is straightforward to open for adults, but prevents small palms from unlocking it. To function the pool fence latch, first opposite or loosen the jam nut a ways sufficient to allow the wing mechanism to fully compress. next, squeeze the posts together with one hand. With the other hand, compress the wing mechanism in order that it clears via the eye screw. launch the squeezed posts allowing the compressed wing to bypass again through the attention screw.

2 liberate Posts from the Deck

Our pool fence’s Lock-in-Deck alternative is the handiest put up machine available that twist locks your pool fence securely into your deck. To remove, first twist your posts a quarter flip to align with the sleeve groove. as soon as aligned, pull instantly up and lift out the fence post. As you could see, that is a simple, yet secure option on your posts, and it removes one of the maximum inclined regions of a mesh fence. The Lock-in-Deck feature is best provided via defend-A-baby.

3 Roll-Up Sections

Raise every pool fence publish out while rolling up the fence section. as soon as you return to the final post for that section (there are six posts inside the longest segment), raise out the rolled section. every segment is light, weighing about 15 lbs, so it is simple to handle. Repeat this for every segment until the entire fence has been eliminated.

4 save Your Pool Fence

We advise storing your rolled-up pool fence sections within the corner of the patio, a garage or shed—ideally out of the climate, in a dry area. you may be amazed via how little space is needed to save even a hundred ft of defend-A-toddler fencing!

5 upload Deck Caps to Holes

To eliminate all lines of your pool fence, we offer patio caps to cover the small post holes. our terrace caps are available four stylish colorations to match your patio floor, whether it’s far made with cool deck, travertine, or brick pavers. these caps healthy flush and tight to prevent washing out in the course of heavy rain or patio rinsing.







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