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The Reason Why Everyone Love Lattice Privacy Fence

Lattice Privacy Fence

Lattice is a cloth normally utilized in gardens, along with criss-crossed strips of wooden, vinyl or metal that form diamond or squares over the surface. Lattice is often used for all forms of privateness fences, whether or not to provide privateness from pals or to display quantities of a panorama. It generally is available in four-by using-eight sheets, even though smaller sheets are also available, and is considerably inexpensive than purchasing strong timber fence planks.

Lattice/Vine Fence

Lattice is a flexible and low-cost privacy fence solution.

Lattice, with its collection of crosses and holes, is ideal for developing and helping climbing vines. A lattice/vine fence is a inexpensive alternative to a wood plank fence and allows you to surround your panorama with a wall of first rate plant colorings.

Place fence posts across the perimeter of the backyard with a pinnacle and bottom rail among them, as you’d do to construct a fashionable privateness fence. Staple or nail lattice sheets to the top and bottom rails.

Given the size of a wellknown lattice sheet, the fence may be both four toes or 8 ft tall, or you can reduce them to a shorter height. once you’ve got mounted the fence, plant mountaineering vines including clematis, wisteria, ivy, honeysuckle or roses along the fence and teach them to grow inside the lattice.

The foliage will provide privateness via the gaps in the lattice.

Double Lattice Fence

Plants are not vital for lattice privateness fences; sheets of lattice hung together on a fence can obstruct maximum of the view via the fence. grasp one sheet of lattice at the lower back side of the fence.

Hang the second one sheet on the opposite side of the fence rails. when striking the second facet of lattice, position the sheet slightly off-middle from the primary sheet so that the pass-sections line up with the diamond or rectangular holes in the first lattice sheet.

The pass-sections have to block most, if no longer all, of the diamond hole, making it hard to look through the fence.

Fence Topper

You may add lattice fence toppers to existing plank fences to serve as decoration and add several more inches of privacy to the pinnacle of the fence. to put in a lattice fence topper, add extensions to every of the fence posts.

Deploy a top and backside rail to connect the fence publish extensions. those rails will function frames for the lattice fence topper and you could set them as some distance aside as you wish.

Trim the lattice sheets to healthy the duration between the fence rails and nail them in location around the fence. Stain or paint the lattice to in shape the rest of the fence, if favored.


Use privateness lattice to camouflage gadgets or sections of the panorama from view. uncovered aircon units, pool pumps and software bins, as an example, stick out in in any other case nicely-manicured landscapes.

It handiest takes a few hours to frame these unnatural objects at the back of a lattice fence and cause them to waft with the relaxation of the layout. Nail sheets of lattice onto a frame of posts around the object and then paint them to match the residence or outdoor shed.

Upload a piece of lattice to a frame of 2-through-four boards and hinge it to the top of the latticed container to create a lid. you may also use lattice as skirting around the residence to block the view of exposed foundations.







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