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The Miracle Of No Holes Pool Fence

No Holes Pool Fence

Our Pool Fence structures is proud to introduce the new revolutionary “No Holes” Pool Fence. This top notch machine is not observed anywhere else within the world. Years of design and engineering had been positioned into growing this innovative product in order to not require any holes to be placed in the deck. This machine is straightforward for the person to assemble, it of direction requires no holes inside the floor, and is portable. it is a should-have for pool proprietors.

The goal of the “No Holes” Pool Fence is to remove all accidental pool associated death by means of proscribing get admission to to the pool from outdoor of the pool area. This fence is likewise portable and detachable.

the 2 elements to the fence are the bottom and the fence. this does not require any permanent basis of any type. that allows you to bring together the portable “No Holes” Pool Fence, all that needs to be finished is to attach the bases to every other and then fill them up with water. The water serves as weight to maintain the fence in place. every this kind of bases for my part weighs round 65lbs after being filled with water however when they’re connected the bases mixed weight is in the loads if no longer hundreds of pounds making them at ease and immovable. once the bases have been nicely positioned and set up you may then installation the mum or dad most effective pool fence into the no holes pool fence bases conveniently, simply as you will with a ordinary in ground installation.

In case you are concerned approximately needing to drill holes in your pool deck to put in a safety fence, Pool protection Fence has the solution. We sell and deploy the No Holes Pool Fence from dad or mum. it is the proper manner to make sure your pool area is safe with out setting holes in the concrete or wooden.

The No Holes Pool Fence is the best mesh pool fence inside the international that does not require drilling, and we deploy them throughout the Oklahoma city vicinity. The system is remarkable for a variety of situations.

Renters who aren’t accredited to drill holes

Pool proprietors who best have kids visit now and again

Pool owners with ornamental concrete, tile, or other surfaces who do not want to drill holes

Anybody who needs a portable or temporary pool fence

Equal-day and next-day installations are to be had, and we can deploy your new fence in in the future.

How Does the No Holes Pool Fence system work?

Installing parent’s No hole Pool Fence begins with a hard and fast of excessive-density polyethylene bases. We vicinity the portable bases round your pool or different region that you need to shield. Then we fill every base with sand or water.

Every base holds around 8 gallons

If full of water, every base weighs around sixty five lbs

If filled with sand, each base weighs round a hundred thirty lbs

Since the bases are used together, the collective weight is loads or lots of kilos

Once the bases are in region and full, we installation your surest Pool Fence poles and mesh panels. it is brief and clean, so you get a more secure pool inside an afternoon.







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