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picket fence design

Welcome to our picket fence designs gallery. The picket Fence is an iconic architectural and landscaping characteristic which embodies the appeal of a conventional china domestic. Giving a sight of beautiful landscaping and permitting sunlight to peek via a series of equally spaced upright forums, picket fences are a practical and purposeful addition to any home. beneath you’ll see the extraordinary varieties of picket fences and get thoughts and notion for ways to feature one of these stunning fences to your home.


What’s a picket Fence? picket fences are a sequence of calmly spaced vertical panels called “pickets” that are attached together by way of horizontal rails and connected to quit posts. it is also characterized by using a tapered pinnacle and typically leads to a point. historically, picket fences are made with timber and painted in white to match colonial homes. (this article is a part of our Fence Designs remaining guide – test there for different famous styles & fence thoughts)

Originating in the u.s. within the colonial era, picket fences had been used to define obstacles and maintain small animals which include chickens within the yard or preserve wild animals like rabbits out of gardens. over the years, its design advanced and developed into more ornamental styles. picket styles ranged from the flat easy type such as the blank picket, the rounded edged spherical picket, the sharp edged kind which is called the Pointed picket to the more decorative sorts just like the Windsor picket, Osbourne picket, Torrens picket and Malvern picket. Finials had been introduced on pinnacle of the pickets as an extra ornamental element. some of the types of post kinds are the round, Windsor, Acorn, Pyramid Cap, Molded Cedar, superstar pinnacle, Pyramid, Albert and French Gothic.


Styles did no longer most effective range according to information but also its finish. every fashion evokes a exceptional sense of person. Rustic homes typically went with picket picket fences which are evidently weathered to show that “used” and rugged sense. Wrought iron picket fences had been used for Gothic and Victorian stimulated homes. White picket fences were used as statements for colonial houses and cottage gardens.

Despite the fact that traditionally made from picket, picket fence designs are now available in a wide array of materials which include vinyl, %, metallic, wrought iron and aluminum. current options including composite panels and pre cut fence panels provide homeowners ease of installation and introduced blessings. additional ornamental elements may also be integrated into each design to cause them to greater visually appealing. every kind might be mentioned extra thoroughly as you study on this newsletter.


What is the same old length of picket fences? typically 3 to 4 toes tall or 36 inches to 48 inches (ninety one to 122 centimeters), picket fences are shorter than other fence sorts. however, its height may be modified in step with one’s desires. If used as privateness panels, picket fence top may be extended up to four to 6 ft. this could additionally rely upon limits set by using city zoning legal guidelines so make sure to test them first if intending to build one as a perimeter border to your frontyard or outdoor. the usual spacing of pickets is typically 6 to 8 inches apart .

Purpose of picket Fence. even though it works as a ornamental feature for maximum homes, picket fences are utilitarian in nature. picket fences are used to delineate spaces and suggest obstacles among your lot, a neighbor’s yard or the sidewalk. it’s far a extraordinary manner to exhibit a garden or panorama without blocking the perspectives. picket fences also are best for keeping pets and youngsters inner your yard. It additionally features as a protection for flowers and different plant life.


A few benefits of having a picket fence for your home includes an addition of experience of security and tremendous privacy from passersby, strangers or associates. It also complements the beauty of any home or lawn. but, one drawback of picket fences is that it is not really useful for homeowners who are seeking for full privateness due to the spaces among every picket.







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