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A fence may be a structure that encloses a neighborhood , typically outdoors, and is typically constructed from posts that are connected by boards, wire, rails or netting.A fence differs from a wall up not having a solid foundation along its whole length.
Alternatives to fencing include a ditch (sometimes crammed with water, forming a moat).
By function
Agricultural fencing, to stay livestock in and/or predators out
Blast fence, a security device that redirects the high energy exhaust from a reaction-propulsion engine
Sound barrier or acoustic fencing, to scale back sound pollution
Crowd control barrier
Privacy fencing, to supply privacy and security
Temporary fencing, to supply safety, security, and to direct movement; wherever temporary access control is required, especially on building and construction sites
Perimeter fencing, to stop trespassing or theft and/or to stay children and pets from wandering away.
Decorative fencing, to reinforce the looks of a property, garden or other landscaping
Boundary fencing, to demarcate a bit of real estate
Newt fencing, amphibian fencing, drift fencing or turtle fence, a coffee fence of plastic sheeting or similar materials to limit movement of amphibians or reptiles.
Pest-exclusion fence
Pet fence, an underground fence for pet containment
Pool fence
Snow fence
A balustrade or railing may be a fence to stop people from falling over a foothold , most ordinarily found on a stairway, landing, or balcony. Railing systems and balustrades also are used along roofs, bridges, cliffs, pits, and bodies of water.

By construction
Brushwood fencing, a fence made using wires on either side of brushwood, to compact the brushwood material together.
Chain-link fencing, wire fencing made from wires woven together
Close boarded fencing, strong and robust fence constructed from mortised posts, arris rails and vertical feather edge boards
Expanding fence or trellis, a folding structure made up of wood or metal on the scissor-like pantograph principle, sometimes only as a short lived barrier
Ha-ha (or sunken fence)
Hedge, including:
Cactus fence
Hedgerows of intertwined, living shrubs (constructed by hedge laying)
Live fencing is that the use of live woody species for fences
Turf mounds in semiarid grasslands like the western us or Russian steppes
Hurdle fencing, made up of moveable sections
Pale fence, composed of pales – vertical posts embedded within the ground, with their exposed end typically tapered to shed water and stop rot from moisture entering end-grain wood – joined by horizontal rails, characteristically in two or three courses. Also referred to as “post and rail” fencing.
Palisade, or stakewall, made from vertical pales placed side by side with one end embedded within the ground and therefore the other typically sharpened, to supply protection; characteristically two courses of waler are added on the inside side to strengthen the wall.
Picket fences, generally a waist-high, painted, partially decorative fence
Roundpole fences, almost like post-and-rail fencing but more closely spaced rails, typical of Scandinavia and other areas rich in raw timber.
Slate fence, a kind of palisade made from vertical slabs of slate wired together. Commonly utilized in parts of Wales.
Split-rail fence, made from timber, often laid during a zig-zag pattern, particularly in newly settled parts of the us and Canada
Vaccary fence (named from Latin vaca – cow), for restraining cattle, made from thin slabs of stone placed upright, found in various places within the north of the united kingdom where suitable stone is had.

Vinyl fencing
Solid fences, including:
Dry-stone wall or rock fence, often agricultural
Stockade fence, a solid fence composed of contiguous or very closely spaced round or half-round posts, or stakes, typically pointed at the highest . A scaled down version of a palisade wall made from logs, most ordinarily used for privacy.* Wattle fencing, of split branches woven between stakes.
Wire fences
Smooth wire fence
Barbed wire fence
Electric fence
Woven wire fencing, many designs, from fine net to heavy mesh “sheep fence” or “ring fence”
Welded wire mesh fence
Wood-panel fencing[further explanation needed]
Wrought iron fencing, also referred to as ornamental iron







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