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How to Install and Use a Portable Electric Fence Cattle

Portable Electric Fence Cattle

Temporary electric fences are wonderful to apply while you want to graze livestock in an area that isn’t always fenced off by way of a few sort of permanent fence, like metallic panels or by using a board fence. An electric powered fence is also an incredible tool to apply for rotational grazing inside a far large pasture, growing paddocks that allow a herd of farm animals to graze a certain quantity of pasture area within a described time frame.


1.Mark out the vicinity of fencing you may want inside the discipline and/or on a map of your place. Base your calculations and estimates at the topography and location of land you want your farm animals grazing on.

If you are wishing to put in a brief electric fence in a manner where you may practice rotational grazing in a pasture, you’ll want to put posts in areas in which you can both stabilize the fence and offer a factor of fence-motion. you can additionally select to have one or fence lines as a greater everlasting electric powered fence and one or corner posts as your baseline for the relaxation of the greater transient fence.

You will need to calculate the quantity of twine needed, relying on whether you want to have it as a unmarried-strand or a double or even triple-strand electric powered fence. also calculate for the variety of posts you may want, remembering that electric powered posts need to be spaced 10 to twelve ft (3.zero to 3.7 m) apart.

2.Purchase your resources at a local feed deliver shop or any other save that sells electric powered fence materials.

Deciding on the kind and electricity of your electric fence charger is essential. do not get one that is too susceptible (like the ones used for horses), or one that does not carry the charge a miles sufficient distance. For cattle, the first-rate charger is one that contains the rate for over 18 to 25 miles (29 to 40 km). it’ll go as much as 60,000 Volts, that’s hot enough for any bovine to be aware! you can pick out to shop for a fencer that is battery charged (you will have to replace the auto or truck battery every few months or so), or a powerful solar powered fencer. Gallagher is a good electric fencing business enterprise that often has accurate exceptional substances in your electric powered fence; spending your money on an amazing electric fencer will often store at the labour of repairing damaged wire!

3.Clear the place of brush, grass, deadfall and trees. this could limit the risk of shorting out the fence, therefore notably lowering the rate.

4.Set up fence posts. you may need to install the more permanent posts first (i.e., handled wooden posts) earlier than making a decision to position in the step-in transient posts.

Make a corner brace (if important, as you’ll be attaching your electric powered fence to an existing fence line) by way of pounding in three posts in a right-angle form: one submit with two posts 90 ranges adjacent to that publish, pointing within the favored path that the fence might be going. The posts should be 6 feet (1.8 m) aside, or as huge a element as the top post (acting as a brace) could be.

Mark the region at the publish that wishes to be trimmed before including the brace. With the chain noticed, reduce a grove into the pinnacle of each publish, happening then out, making sure each element that is cut out in each faces each different.

Put within the pinnacle brace by pounding inside the pinnacle brace with a mallet, running every cease till it’s far down cushty in the grooves. Repeat for the alternative put up adjacent to the one simply completed

With high-tensile or telephone cord, make 5 or 6 diagonal loops from the top of the outside post to the lowest of the main corner post. Take a stout stick (one that is round 3 feet lengthy) and twist the cord till you cannot twist anymore (no longer till the wires wreck),locking the stick in opposition to the side of the put up that maintains it from loosening the wire.

Pound in the everlasting posts spaced a hundred feet (30.five m) a
component, put in at nearly precisely 18 inches (forty five.7 cm) deep. it is nice to make a mark on the bottom of every submit to get a greater uniform set of posts being hooked up.

If you want to make the fence in order that it runs in a directly line, take a roll of baling twine, tie the cord to 1 nook post and run the twine from that nook all of the way all the way down to the opposite corner this is at the equal side.

You may ignore the opposite steps above and get right to putting in the brief posts. these posts do not require a submit motive force, in view that they’ve a element at the bottom of the posts that let you placed your foot on it, and stand on it, using your weight to place within the posts. make certain they’re distinctly instantly. space the posts approximately 10 to twelve ft (three.0 to a few.7 m) aside.

5.Install the wire. depending on how many strands you want in your fence, it is also great to start from the pinnacle down. The top twine have to be at nose-level with your cows (which is round 32 to 36 inches off the ground). often the step-in posts that you purchased are made in order that the twine does run nostril-degree to a cow, making it less of a hassle to install it. the use of an insulator, insert a nail through the a part of the insulator that allows the passage of a nail, and pound that to the timber post. when you have set up wooden posts, repeat for every put up, remembering the wide variety of wires you’re making plans to install.

In case you are handiest the usage of a unmarried-wire fence, then the insulators best need to be hooked up exactly stage with the ones step in posts, or round 32 to 36 inches (eighty one.three to ninety one.4 cm) off the floor. All three wires (if it is a three-wire fence) ought to be spaced around 12 inches (30.5 cm) from every other. A two-twine fence need to have each wires spaced round 18 inches (forty five.7 cm) apart.

6.Wrap the twine inside the hooks the primary insulator as a minimum 10 instances earlier than stringing the relaxation along every insulator and hooking them in to every brief post. Pull the wire in order that it is not too taut, but not unfastened both. Wrap the cord at the terminal insulator on the opposite facet of the road till either enough wire has been wrapped in it, or sufficient so you can move all the way down to the bottom insulator and hold together with your bottom wires. to attach any other strand of electric fence, use a reef (or thief) knot to relaxed each strands together.

Fiberglass posts have the kind of hooks wherein the cord in reality snaps in.

Pig-tail posts, but, require a specific manner of installing the twine. Pull the cord down in order that it’s far just beneath the loop, then insert it into the loop. Then function the wire in order that it is going over the hook portion of the loop. Repeat for all other pig-tail posts.

A gate is beneficial, mainly when you have large machinery to position thru to mow or hay a paddock. permit 20 toes (6.1 m) of length between the nook publish to the following submit. deploy eye-screws into the put up at their predetermined peak noted above. connect insulated handles to the electric twine, the use of a double or triple knot to achieve this, and tying the twine so that it would not stick out when a person grabs the handles. The twine ought to additionally be tied up enough in order that the cord stretches taut (not in order that it reaches breaking point though), sufficient that you can use your energy to hook the manage to the eye-screws.

7.Install the electrical fencer and ground rod. The spherical rod must be pounded in so that ninety nine% of it’s far within the floor, with best a couple inches poking up, enough to position the floor rod clamp on. The floor rod need to be placed no greater than 15 toes (four.6 m) from the electrical charger, with high tensile or cellphone cord going for walks from the ground rod to the charger. The ground rod or lead-out cord must no longer be touching any electric wires.

8.Connect the lead-out cord and electric powered wires to the fence charger.

If the charger calls for a car battery, then connect the charger to the battery in step with the manufacturer’s instructions.
if you are using a sun powered fence charger, it may be first-class to discover the charger in a place of partial color. this is so you don’t cook the charger too speedy in complete daylight, but it nevertheless gets sufficient of the sun’s strength and light to hold a effective price at the fence.

9.Turn on the fencer, and take a look at the voltage of the twine. take a look at at the following places: near the fencer, mid-manner down the fence line, and at the furthest a part of the fence. If the energy at each point is the identical, then it is operating properly. If now not, you may need to locate the supply of the problem, mainly if it’s shorting out someplace. sometimes if a single strand of electrical cord is touching some thing metallic just like the wire on the barbed cord fence, or maybe a tree twig, those want to be constant and/or moved so that it does not intervene with the electrical cutting-edge.

10.Collect up your system and spare cord, posts, and many others.

11.Let the animals out and watch them for a bit, in particular in the event that they don’t know what an electric fence is. hold a watch at the animals for an hour or two to peer how they react to the fence. while you see one or more animals contact the fence with their noses and jump returned with a surprising bawl or laugh, and do not see any animals that are trying out the fence nor have tried to get via because of the unexpected shock they got from the cord, then you definitely recognize the fence is doing its job.

12.It’s exceptional to check on the cord once every couple days, or however commonly you want to exchange the animals from one paddock to another.


Wear thick gloves when managing electric twine. Cow-cover gloves work better than pig-conceal gloves do, as you get much less of a surprise through them while handling electric powered wire.

If you are having issues along with your animals now not noticing the fence, or in case you are having troubles with flora and fauna ruining your fence, then hang pie-plates or strips of white fabric or plastic bags from the wire in among every submit. those are a good deal more important than a simple twine is, and will work in deterring flora and fauna from wrecking your electric fence.

Tthere may be no choice as to whether or not tape or cord works excellent. Tape has a tendency to be more great with the aid of the animals and has a tendency to send more of a charge than cord, even though cord contains just as lots of a surprise as tape does.
The step-in posts are outstanding because they can be pulled up and relocated in reaction for your herd’s grazing pressures, or simply genuinely to re-size a paddock.

Ground rods are important, but sometimes conditions may be so dry that the floor rod would not reach a long way sufficient to moister floor. strive slowly pouring a pail of water over the floor rod to assist briefly increase the rate all through drought periods

You may ought to put money into an extended ground-rod, particularly in case you stay in an area in which drought isn’t all that uncommon. they could are available in longer lengths than 6 or 8 feet (1.eight or 2.4 m), although you may should ask around to find any.

Whenever you need to splice a damaged cord, it’s miles clever to turn off the charger

Additionally wear true work boots, no longer sandals or footwear or even rubber boots, for you to get much less of a fee strolling via you. excellent boots will act as an insulator, decreasing the energy that runs from your hand down to the floor.

Use of knots may be very beneficial in proper installment of this sort of fence.







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