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Everything You Need To Know About Portable Vinyl Fence

Portable Vinyl Fence

Those decorative modular fence styles are made out of a excessive density (HDPE) vinyl lattice panel divider machine that is completely transportable and adjustable to house any length or layout. these uniquely designed fences are terrific for dividing or sectioning off any region, cafe, garden seating, smoking section, booth, partition, and so on. Designed with self status posts requiring no floor attachment, they’re made for any indoor or outside flat surface. Sections between posts may be made up of one, , or three, 30″ high x 20″ extensive panels. the full top of the fencing from the ground is 36″.

Designed as a transportable fence for transient events

Rust-unfastened metallic bases are included. Bases have small holes in case you want to screw the bottom into wood or concrete (fence will stand on its very own without screws)

This fence ought to no longer be used for extreme crowd manage or baby or puppy protection. it is designed to be used as a psychological or aesthetic barrier and not a bodily one.

Each panel includes a connector piece to connect to an adjacent panel in a directly line or at a right angle. This makes this fence completely scalable to feature as many panels as you want in your event.

Fence is crafted from climate resistant vinyl







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