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Lattice Fence

A lattice fence could be a structure created from pvc or vinyl material that consists of slats organized in an exceedingly criss cross or diamond pattern with areas in between. it’s going to be wont to enclose the complete perimeter of a property, as garden walls, terrace screens, porch enclosure, archway, deck encircling or as a separate divider. it’s conjointly usually adscititious as an ornamental accent feature for landscapes or as a trellis for gardens wherever vines and different trailing plants could climb into as they grow.

A lattice fence could be a very nice ornamental and useful possibility for many fencing wants. you will be terribly conversant in the lattice style, otherwise you is also curious what’s a lattice fence? A lattice fence is most sometimes outlined as a fence consisting of strips of vinyl crossed and mounted along with sq. or diamond formed areas left in between. this sort of fence is actually a classic and unchanged style. There are lots of various choices on the way to style and construct a lattice.

Lattice fences are all created within the same manner. whether or not you wish sq. shapes or diamond shapes, you’ll simply flip the panel horizontally or vertically and you’ll have it!

Contemporary purposely, why not use lattice fence panels to support your rising plants, while acting as very good garden boundaries. Trellis fence panels also are factory-made from pressure treated timber, there’s no have to retreat them either, saving you time and cash.

Lattice Fence Panels


Whether you wish lattice flat-topped fence panels or a full trellis fence. Ideal for supporting climbers, these garden trellis panels produce a gorgeous scenery for your garden and build excellent garden screens.


We've got all of your fencing provides, like fence post and gravel boards, at nice worth costs too.


Lattice fence panels are good for making an off-the-cuff however engaging garden boundary or dividing totally different areas of your garden. they're ideal for supporting your favorite mounting plants.


Manufactured from top quality pressure treated timber, these fence panels include a fifteen year guarantee against rot. you'll not have to re-treat them, saving you time and cash.


Our lattice fence panels are fantastic up to date alternatives to ancient fencing.


Lattice Fence Front Garden


If you're trying to find a classic, appealing, and straightforward possibility for fencing, lattice fencing is your best bet. Lattice fencing is most frequently found in gardens and patios, however are often used virtually anyplace.


Lattice fencing could be a classic form of fence, with many various uses. you'll be able to use lattice fence in a very variety of various ways in which, reckoning on your wants and house.


Another advantage that produces lattice fencing a staple of gardens, is that the ease within which plants will climb it. several lattice fences become abundant garden walls lined in vines. A vascular plant lined lattice works well to intensify a flower bed or kitchen garden.


Lattice is additionally typically used as detached dividers, archways, and walls in yards. this can be a stimulating methodology for calling it off AN open house, or making a flow and motion to your out of doors areas.




Cost – Lattice fence could be a terribly reasonable possibility compared to other forms of picket fences. other forms of fences will value up to doubly the maximum amount as a straightforward lattice fence.


Versatility – There are numberless uses for a small amount of picket lattice. From waist high garden walls to six foot perimeter fences, the lattice fits virtually anyplace. And once you put in your fence, there are a large number of artistic comes that may use leftover lattice.


Plant friendly – The lattice fence is a tremendous possibility for rise plants and gardens. this can be why lattice fence could be a good appropriate plant lovers and folks wanting to make a abundant spirited look.


Ease – Lattice fence is simple to put in and work with. Whereas different fence choices are often quite labor and time intensive, lattice are often a quick and unpainful installation method.


Appeal – Lattice fence is esthetically pleasing. For this reason it's an excellent possibility for porches and front yards. putting lattice fence within the front of your home is an excellent thanks to boost your curb attractiveness.


Complementary – Lattice plays well with others. There are only a few designs which will clash with a well-used lattice fence or wall. Existing fences are often accentuated and supplementary upon with lattice fencing.


Lattice Fence Designs


Lattice fences typically are available in totally different designs specifically the criss cross, sq. hatch, spindle, horizontal and weave style. The crisscross lattice is that the commonest style that is characterised by skinny slats are organized in an exceedingly diagonal or diamond pattern. The sq. hatch ,on the opposite hand, is another classic with sq. open areas in between the slats. Another kind is that the spindle lattice style that consists of “spindles” or vertical slats in AN upright pattern, whereas the horizontal lattice has slats that lay flat The weave lattice features a larger style that makes it extremely acceptable as trellis for ascension vines and flowers in gardens and gazebos.


Lattice fences might either be framed or unframed, is also a full screen or a topper for AN existing fence. alternative style choices embrace straight, rough or arched. Its size might vary anyplace from three feet to eight feet tall and four feet to feet wide, whereas the spacing in between the slats will go anyplace from twenty millimeters to sixty eight millimeters, with a typical average clearance of forty millimeters. Finishes typically rely upon the sort of fabric used however it's typically painted, stained, unfinished (for wood) or powder coated (for metal).


A lattice fence offers privacy, security and facilitate your curtilage look additional invitatory to family and friends. trying to find the way to surround your yard however hate the restrictive feel of tall privacy enclosures? does one need security among your property however feel that stockade vogue fences are too plain for your landscape? Then lattice fences is also the proper fence vogue for you.


Lattice fences supply the most effective of each worlds – practicality and aesthetics. Some householders might not like picket fences as a result of they are doing not supply a lot of privacy because of their short height, whereas six foot tall privacy fences provides a sense of an excessive amount of confinement as a result of they're too high and closed. however lattice fences are the proper various as they provide engaging garden vogue confinement for your property.


A lattice fence is certainly a pleasant fence to use since it’s a fence that appears cool. It’s a fence that may be wont to beautify an out of doors space and defend aforesaid space at the identical time. coming up with a lattice fence isn’t a troublesome issue to try to to and you'll even make love on your own. Of course, you’ll want concepts if you would like to style a lattice fence. you'll get concepts required to style a lattice fence from, for instance, lattice fences others have created. Here are many cool lattice fences you'll get concepts from if you’re considering coming up with a lattice fence for your outside space.


Maybe lattice flat-top fence styles are common, however they don’t must look that approach. This basic style has perpetually been called a decent neighbor–since neighbors might chat through the lattice at the highest.


How much does lattice fence cost?


Lattice fences are a budget friendly fence choice as they're sometimes twice cheaper than alternative fencing materials. sometimes cost accounting a mean of around $8 to $60 per linear foot, compared to the $100 per linear foot coverage of solid board fences. Custom created lattice panels don't very have a regular worth as a result of it depends upon the sort of project. further prices may additionally incur if a gate or entryway is else to your lattice fence.


Low finish wood lattice fences sometimes price $2 to $5 per linear foot whereas quality wood lattice fences price $8 to $20 per linear foot. Low finish plastic fences will price anyplace from $1.50 to $3.50 per linear foot whereas top quality vinyl fences prices around $12 to $24 per linear foot.


How to build a lattice fence?


Steps in building a lattice fence:


1. verify the planning, purpose and layout of your lattice fence. the primary step to most likely any project is to work out the aim of what you propose to make, as a result of this dictates all the opposite factors that you just have to think about like dimensions, height and lay-out. understand the aim of your lattice fence – can it's wont to cowl the entire perimeter of your property, can it's used for privacy, or does one simply need to use it as an ornamental accent? Naturally, a lattice fence which can be used for privacy would need taller panels and a tighter weave pattern. Consequently, the size, layout and style you aim to realize can follow. Once you opt on these factors, then it's time to schoolwork the world for your lattice fence.


2. live the world. employing a measurement tape, live the perimeter of the house wherever you propose to place your lattice fence. it's necessary to accurately live as a result of this may guarantee marginal adjustment within the cutting size of materials as you go on the project. this may additionally provide you with a plan of the precise range of posts and lattice panels you'll be needing.


3. find the start line of your fence. Mark now by sound a stake on its place at the bottom, then layout the remainder of your border employing a mason’s string. The length of your lattice panels is also used as a guide for the spacing of the posts. it's up to you whether or not you would like to put in the panels vertically or horizontally. however the utmost spacing for this is often eight feet between every post. Add stakes to mark every position of the post. Continue this till you end the entire border. ensure that you just maintain associate degree equal spacing all throughout.


4. Run twine on your border. Tie the primary stake (your start line for the fence) with twine and run into every stake. make sure that that twine is running straight, if ever you see any discrepancies, you will regulate the stakes consequently.


5. Dig a hole for your posts. take away the primary stake on your start line, then employing a post hole digger, dig a hole that is a minimum of a 3rd of the post and six inches. you'll be able to additionally use the peak of the lattice panels to regulate the peak of the posts. If coming up with on adding ornamental post caps, you wish to allot a minimum of twelve inches of clear house higher than the lattice panels. a minimum of ⅓ of the posts ought to go below the bottom to make sure a powerful foundation. Dig a hole for every stake on your border. Repeat till you reach the top.


6. Pour vi inches of crushed gravel or stone into the holes. Fill then pack down firmly.


7.Place a post on every hole. once the gravel is in situ, fastidiously set every post in their various holes.


8. Run twine and place stakes on every of the standing posts to make sure that they're standing upright. Use level to test if they're straight. ensure that they're precisely plumb before setting them in their permanent place.


9. Use the highest of the lattice panel as a guide to test the peak of the posts. Cut the panels if changes are required however as mentioned earlier, if measurements are fastidiously taken and noted throughout preparation of the materials, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Also, regulate the alignment once more if required.


10. combine cement combine in keeping with package directions. you will try this is tiny batches in order that it doesn’t attempt up too simply. you'll be able to additionally raise your provider for the the “quick setting” kind that simply gets poured directly from the bag, dry and while not combination, then soaked with water. this sort of concrete can prevent the hassle and time because it eliminates the necessity for combination and it reduces the solidifying time to long.


11. Add dry concrete combine to the holes. Fill utterly and so enable to dry for twenty-four to forty eight hours. As presently because the cement is totally cured, take away the twine and therefore the stakes.


12. Prop lattices into posts. Mark the world within the posts wherever you would like to screw the lattice panels. This should air the aspect of the posts that faces the within a part of your yard. Pre-drill holes on these marks, then attach the lattice panels exploitation an electrical drill and a few galvanized screws. Continue the method till you reach the top of the border. assay if everything is straight with the utilization of level.


13.Add finishing touches. Apply paint or cowl with a coat of wood stain. you will additionally leave the lattice fence unfinished if you like the natural look of PVC. Affix ornamental post caps or enhance in keeping with your preference.



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