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Privacy fence

A quality privacy fence will remodel your yard into AN extended outside living space.

Many people place up a privacy fence to secure their property and sort unwanted sights and sounds from close neighbors or traffic. A privacy fence could also be a perfect alternative if you reside during a densely geographic region, close to a busy road/highway or near businesses and industrial centers. Plus, if you own a swimming bath, relish sunbathing in your yard, or have an outside tub, you will relish the seclusion that privacy fences provide.

Installing privacy fencing around a deck or area will produce a a lot of intimate house for quiet and diverting. Privacy fences conjointly provide extra advantages like property security, multiplied property worth, and safety for youngsters and pets.

Privacy Fence Designs


Privacy fences are available a spread of designs starting from plain to ornate. the peak and materials for every privacy fence also are customizable, which means you'll be able to realize the proper fence for your property.


Privacy fences are most frequently fabricated from wood, however we have a tendency to additionally provide vinyl and chain link privacy fences. every effectively provides tier of privacy and security. If you'd like additional data regarding which kind of privacy fence is best for your property, be at liberty to contact United States for a free estimate.


All Long privacy fencing is custom-made to your specifications and comes with a a 1 full-year pledge.


Once you’ve selected the peak, your next thought ought to be what proportion privacy you're trying to find. does one need a solid material for total privacy or one thing a bit additional transparent?


There are such a lot of styles to decide on from together with opaque from the highest all the way down to the underside or slats that may that provide some visibility whereas permitting lightweight to come back in.


If you're trying to find a fence that may supply a very nice look that's ornamental, strive adding a lattice border on the highest of the fence. it'll add a gorgeous bit to your yard whereas still providing the privacy you wish.


Another nice plan is building a shadow box style additionally known as a “good neighbor” fence, you're applying pickets on either side of the fence rails.


A shadow box fence has areas between the pickets to permit air and light-weight to meet up with whereas on the opposite facet, the pickets can line up with the gaps interference the read.


There are endless styles to appear at to search out what is going to work best for your yard privacy fence, your terrace privacy fence, or your curtilage privacy fence. Some styles embody ancient privacy, crenate privacy, or picket fences.


Privacy Fence Cost


Once you've got selected what materials you wish to use, the height, and look of your privacy fence, it’s time to buy around for the most effective value for your materials or if you wish to rent somebody to perform the installation for you.


Whichever choice works best for you, make certain to decide on materials and styles can which will last for an extended time! These concepts will provide you with lots to consider once choosing the privacy fence which will look nice as your yard privacy fence, your grounds privacy fence, or your deck privacy fence!


Our representative can offer you with several choices to decide on from relating to the varied privacy fence designs and heights. they'll take under consideration county and town codes and house owner association restrictions.


Our privacy fences are treated to resist water harm and bugs. correct maintenance will make sure that your fence appearance sensible and stays sturdy years once it's put in. you'll be able to defend your fence by keeping it clean of dirt employing a power washer sometimes.


The vinyl and chain link fences would like very little to no maintenance in any respect. perhaps once a year you spray them off with a hose or wipe them down with a sponge.


Privacy Fence Panels


Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance


Other privacy fence materials, like wood and vinyl, could seem to value less, however as a result of they need a brief shelf-life, they need major maintenance and sporadically must get replaced. formed Concrete Fence Walls don't succumb to the pains of the weather like alternative fence materials do, so that they need less maintenance, and appearance lovely for several generations to come back.


Precast Concrete offer Seclusion & Silence


Privacy fence panels offer a bigger level of seclusion and protection than normal fence systems. whereas fence wall height could be a primary criteria for privacy screen fences, people who have formed concrete screen walls appreciate the connected advantages.


Precast Concrete Fence Walls


Precast concrete fencing provides not solely physical solitude and isolation, however they supply safety from intruders, motorized vehicles and cut back noise from the opposite aspect of the wall.


Decorative Textures, lovely Walls


When landscapers are trying to find privacy fence concepts for his or her purchasers, and get designs, styles and textures that complement the encompassing space.


Privacy Fence Panels Sections


Privacy Fence panels Sections are vertically forged, to confirm there's a gorgeous natural-looking stone, brick or block texture on either side of the wall, making a beautiful read from each angle.


Size Matters: Height, Length and dimension


Privacy Fences are often factory-made and put in in heights up to twelve feet, with higher heights accessible for the asking.


Each Combo-Cast™ Panel


Each Combo-Cast™ Panel is fifteen feet long, and panels be a part of along in such how on guarantee prying eyes are discouraged from viewing the embedded areas.


Reflective Sound Wall Noise Barrier Panel


Fence Panels are a minimum of 5” thick. And since concrete could be a dense material, it acts as a reflective sound wall noise barrier, minimizing the penetration of sound through the wall, maintaining privacy from either side.


Security Features and further Protection


Sometimes privacy isn’t enough, and an extra level of security is needed.


Integrative Security Fence instrumentation options


Privacy Fence panels simply integrate security fence instrumentation options like cameras, fence lighting or razor wire, providing an extra live of seclusion.


How to Build a Privacy Fence


If you would like to take a seat and lie in your yard and feel some privacy and security, what you would like could be a tall fence. simply follow these directions and you'll build a privacy fence around your yard.


Here's what you'll have for one 8-foot section of AN 8-foot tall fence:


1. 2 12-foot (3.7-meter) 6-by-6-inch posts (You'll solely would like one extra post for every extra section.)

2. 3 8-foot (2.4-meter) 2-by-4-inch boards

3. Fourteen 8-foot (2.4-meter) 1-by-8-inch boards

4. Gravel

5. Wood preservative

6. Galvanized Nails

7. Paint or stain


Here's what to do:


There are rules concerning wherever and the way high fences may be, what they will be made up of, and that method they face.


Decide wherever to make your fence. Plot out wherever the fence posts can go. Posts must be eight feet (2.4 meters) apart. they ought to be spaced equally on the identical plane.


Dig AN eight to 10-inch (20 to 25-centimeter) diameter hole for every post. The holes must be a minimum of third as deep because the total length of the post. For our 8-foot (2.4-meter) fence, we want a hole that is 3-feet (91.4-centimeters) deep and a 12-foot (3.7 meter) post.


Treat the underside of your posts with preservative so that they do not rot. place a bit gravel at the underside of the holes, and insert the posts. Fill the remaining space round the posts with additional gravel.


Connect your posts with 3 equally spaced 2-by-4 rails. Place one rail three to six inches (7.5 to fifteen centimeters) off the bottom, one across the center and one on the highest. they'll keep your fence straight and secure.


Use 1-by-8 boards to hide your fence. begin at one post and nail boards one next to the opposite to every of the rails.


Paint or stain your finished fence to shield it from the weather.



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