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pvc driveway gate on farmland

1.requires less maintenance and merchandise replacement than wood 2. additional sturdy than competitory materials 3. industry-leading residential warrantee 4. obtainable matching gates,pedestrian gate or truck gates 5. Neighbor-friendly style widespread for shared lines 6. matching hardware might be provided We provide gate for pedestrain or for trucks. the peak matches the PVC fence height. prime ...

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1.requires less maintenance and merchandise replacement than wood
2. additional sturdy than competitory materials
3. industry-leading residential warrantee
4. obtainable matching gates,pedestrian gate or truck gates
5. Neighbor-friendly style widespread for shared lines
6. matching hardware might be provided

We provide gate for pedestrain or for trucks. the peak matches the PVC fence height. prime quality hardwares like hinge ,latch and locks are provided. The gate might be assembled by our mill.It is able to be installed!

installing pictures


                      rivets                                             gate sockets                                       assembling



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Factory pictures:


                Production Line 1                                                Production Line 2


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Our Services:

1.before getting, we offer details drawing and quotation, style size supported your landscape and wishes.
2.Excellent company and services ,exporting and mercantilism method directions are provided, thus if no expertise of mercantilism ,no worry
3.The installation directions are provided anytime throughout putting in
4.We might offer warrantee, any issues, might contact our sales anytime to unravel.


1. What is Jovyea Vinyl fence?
  Jovyea vinyl fence profile: it’s made up of rigid polyvinyl resin (PVC) rosin, and alternative crucial ingredients like actinic ray inhibitors, impact modifiers and stabilizers. exploitation solely premium grade raw materials, the formulation is constructed upon advanced technical expertise within the PVC industry(Pvc window, doors, panels, fences). this provides the fabric semipermanent sturdiness, flexibility , weather ability, and low maintenance.
Jovyea fence: Cuts the wide range of profiles to the correct length for the look of fence needed. Then routes holes into the rails, so pickets is inserted into them, then holes are routed into the posts so the rails is inserted into them.The liar assembles the finished fence sections, place the rail into post, the picket into rail, and post and picket cap. At last, liar install the fence.

2. Will Jovyea vinyl fence yellow?
  Jovyea fence use a superior sturdy grade and high content (10 components per a hundred parts) of non-chalking TiO2(titanium dioxide) and ultraviolet inhibitors that protects the vinyl (PVC) from the harmful effects of the Suns actinic ray rays. As long as your fence is unbroken clean, with a periodic wash from a hosepipe, it’ll not flip yellow.


Yes. The weathering method is totally natural and doesn’t negatively impact the merchandise. Typically, someday when installation, the Fencing can fade to a lighter color,especially the coloured fence. Natural Weathering. the merchandise receives significant pigmentation throughout manufacturer to permit it to settle into a lighter shade once worn. beneath traditional conditions, exposure to daylight and rain are sometimes needed to realize its worn color. This method is totally harmless to product and doesn’t have an effect on the sturdiness. The post caps and high rail can fade the quickest thanks to their direct exposure to the weather. thanks to their vertical orientation, the pickets and post faces might take significantly longer to fade. The “after-weathering” color could also be a touch completely different from the colours shown on the colours page.

4. Do Jovyea vinyl fences and rails become brittle in winter?
  Vinyl lessen versatile in colder climatic conditions. However, unless subjected to uncommon impact, it’ll not break or crack. Huazhijie Vinyls parts are designed to accommodate traditional temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we tend to use to stop breaking additionally facilitate our parts face up to atmospheric condition conditions.

5. Will Jovyea vinyl fence crack, chip, peel, or rot?
  Jovyea Vinyl fence and railing are built to face up to surface cracking, chipping, peeling and decay for his or her full service life.

6. Will fence expand?
  Vinyl fencing can contract and expand per the temperature. this can be traditional and expected, Your contractor can afford enlargement and contraction throughout the installation method.

7. How do vinyl fences stand up to the wind?
  Jovyea vinyl fences are designed to face up to traditional wind hundreds. the number of load depends on the design of fence, installation of the posts and horizontal rails.

8. How long willJovyea Vinyl fences or railing last?
  Jovyea vinyl and composite are designed to create fences and railing to last a life. All of our product carry a completely transferable, non-prorated life warrantee.

9. How does the cost of Jovyea vinyl fencing compare with traditional wood fences?
  The initial value of vinyl (PVC) in comparison to wood is slightly higher for the fabric prices in most regions of the country. but with the ever-increasing value of wood this distinction is changing into terribly minor in some regions. vinyls semipermanent, maintenance-free, sturdiness over makes up for that value distinction. once all the numerous value factors are taken under consideration over the lifetime of your fence, vinyl becomes actuality cash saver.

10. Do Jovyea Vinyl Fence come with a warranty?
  Yes. Our warrantee lasts the life of the first client, and even covers materials (repair or replacement), and freight and labor prices.

11. How popular is Jovyea Vinyl fence used?
  Jovyea fence is popularly used everyplace like estate districts, houses, park and garden, farm, parking and homes space, and etc.

12. How safe are Jovyea vinyl fence systems?
In contrast to some treated wood fencing, vinyl is Associate in Nursing environmentally safe material with no toxins to contaminate the sky or flow into the bottom. Vinyl fencing encompasses a swish non-porous surface with no nails¡ splinters. Your youngsters and animals are literally safer in comparison to wood fences.

13. What about graffiti?
  Most paint, together with graffiti, is off from vinyl fencing with relative ease exploitation normal detergent and water. In some cases, you will must use a pressure washer, and for very robust cases, you will would like a paint diluent or cleansing fluid. If some spots still resist these ways and cleaners, you’ll be able to use four hundred grit sandpaper to get rid of them.

14. How do I clean my vinyl fence?
Beneath traditional circumstances a straightforward rinse with a hosepipe are comfortable. For additional stubborn stains but, a cleaner containing a gentle abrasive appropriate for covering material bathtubs is usually recommended

15. How are Jovyea Vinyl fence systems installed?

Jovyea vinyl fence systems install very like a wood fence. The posts return routed from the mill and therefore the parts are precut for traditional installation. Rails are inserted into the routed holes within the posts. The heavier wall post and rail configuration together with the notched rails contributes to larger resistance to disengagement and stronger fastening for higher performance. Post caps are connected when the fence is put in.

The New “H” post, no routing and no notching required, it fits any form of land, might be put in in five minutes for one sets, save allot of labors.

16. Do you cement the fence posts?
We tend to advocate that you just treat vinyl posts the identical as you’d wood posts. If it’s common and traditional to cement wood fence posts in your space then you ought to cement vinyl posts.

17. Can you add gates?
  Yes. Gates is created to match your Jovyea Vinyl fencing.


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A08 length : 73.23 " x 2pcs

                        A08 steel length : 70.87 " x 1pcs





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