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Like a ton of oldsters, our house if filled with baby gates. we’ve one in much each door, hall and entrance. one in all the items that my married person and that i realized early is that baby gates are big-ticket if you would like quality (around $75 to $100 per gate). after you boost the actual fact that you simply would like 4-10 of those things, the prices will be monumental. we have a tendency to purchased many of the ¼” picket varieties solely to possess my three year previous stand on that and bust it to shards.
This specific model is pretty easy and uses simply PVC parts to figure. There are 2 ‘Slip Tees’ within the structure that permit the gate to slip vertically, simply slightly in order that you’ll be able to elevate it up and over the ‘Table Caps’ that it’ll snap into. Once over the Table Caps, simply displace and it’s as secure as will be.
Now, before you child-safety advocates activate Pine Tree State, here are many notes concerning this design:
It’s made up of piece of furniture grade PVC and fittings, that is non-toxic, contains no dioxins (the nasty stuff they create plumbing PVC with), and is impact and UV-degrade proof (it won’t break down in sunlight).
The slats are all 2-3/4” apart, that is BELOW the desired 3” of distance between slates.
It is extraordinarily robust. I will place my entire weight on that (215 avoirdupois unit. male) closed and it’ll not budge.
All corners and edges are rounded, therefore no snagging.
There are not any pinching mechanisms within the gate once closed.
Finally, this is often MY option to build this on behalf of me and my family. If you hate such a project, dont build it.
I tried to create it with options that alternative baby gates incorporate, like being connected to a wall or door frame, will be removed, and swings. I designed every gate for around $48.00.
I set up on augmenting this Instructable to create a baby-corral out of identical factor, however creating legs that project from either side for stability. seek for that one shortly.
Step 1: What you would like.

As i discussed within the introduction, I used piece of furniture grade PVC and fittings. initial its safe (non-toxic) as it’s made up of identical sort of PVC utilized in children toys, and second, it simply appearance far better. I designed the model out of plumbing grade PVC and it looked ghastly. Bonus is also that piece of furniture grade PVC components have many a lot of ‘clever’ parts to create it easier, like the Slip Tees and Table Caps.
Here are the components I ordered:
12 x 1-1/4” PVC Tees
2 x 1-1/4” PVC ninety Degree Elbows
2 x 1-1/4” PVC Slip Tees
2 x 1-1/4” PVC Fitting Caster Inserts
4 x 1-1/4” Table Caps
2 x 1-1/4” Internal rounded finish Caps
3 x 1-1/4” 5’ piece of furniture Grade PVC Pipe
I additionally had some spare 1-1/4” Plumbing Grade Pipe to create the connecting inserts, that don’t seem to be exposed. Fairly cheap, a 10’ section can run you $3.00 reception Depot or Lowes. they’re going to cut it down for you if you would like.


You will would like the subsequent hardware to secure everything together:

2 x 1/4” x a pair of.5” or 3” long Hitch Pins (Ace Hardware)
1 bag 3/4” Wood Screws (Full Thread)
1 will of PVC Cement

Normally i might have used a Miter Saw to create all of the cuts, however I selected to use a metal saw, because it was even as quick (a very little de-burring was needed). I did would like a ¼” drilling bit to create holes for the ‘hitch pins’. Everything else is sexual intercourse, therefore simply an influence drill one or two of drill bits and a
Phillips bit ought to get you thru this.
Power Drill or Power Screwdriver
Philips Head Bit
Measuring Tape
3/22” drilling bit
1/4” drilling bit
Countersink Bit
Knife or Deburring Tool
Step 2: style
I designed the gate in Google SketchUp, exploitation the PVC parts out there from Formufit here. I designed it with a 32” door in mind, as that’s what most of mine are.
In order to accommodate for larger doors, you may have to be compelled to add another ‘T-Section’ (or quite one) for a further five inches in breadth. Associate in Nursing example is shown below in one in all the SketchUp diagrams.
To accommodate for doors between 33” and 37” you’ll be able to increase the components that connect with the wall by an in. on either side, however don’t reconsider 2” otherwise you can build the span between the frame and therefore the door quite a 3” gap, that isn’t counseled beneath ‘baby gate standards’.
I’ve created the Google SketchUp plans for the baby gate out there here on the Google SketchUp 3D warehouse. be happy to modify/customize them as you would like.

Step 3: Cutting
You will have to be compelled to build cuts to the piece of furniture grade PVC, however they’re pretty simple. the foremost troublesome half is cutting the PLUMBING grade PVC into very little 3” bits, again, I recommend a metal saw these components may fly off of a miter saw.
One good thing about miter saw cuts over a hacksaw: deburring. you may have to be compelled to debur every of the PVC segments employing a pocket knife, razor blade, or if you have got one, a deburring tool.
I’ve provided a cutting model for all of the lengths of piece of furniture grade and plumbing grade PVC pipe below. I’ve tried to maximise usage, and it’s found out pretty sensible on behalf of me. build every cut, as straight as doable for every piece
You’ll would like a complete of every of the subsequent for the piece of furniture Grade PVC pipe:
5 x 30”
1 x 20”
4 x 2.5”
You’ll would like a complete of every of the subsequent for the Plumbing Grade PVC pipe:
12 x 3″
Once the cuts are created, throw the components into a box so that they don’t roll away on you
Step 4: Table Cap Modification
You will have to be compelled to slightly modify 2 of the Table Caps to permit them to act as a ‘catch’ mechanism. I created the cut in order that it simply barely, however firmly holds the door in situ.
It’s a touch troublesome to clarify the cut, and that i can let the diagrams below do most of the work, however essentially you create one horizontal cut right on top of wherever the highest of the tab meets the cap and one vertical cut with a metal saw on 2 of the supports of the Table Cap. {this will|this may|this will} take away atiny low crescent formed section that you simply can throw out. you may additionally perform this with a Dremel tool, if you’re therefore inclined.
TIP: once cutting the table cap, secure it with screws to a table or piece of lumber, to create it easier.
Once your cuts are created, sand down all sharp edges with sandpaper or a sanding block, to create the perimeters swish. we have a tendency to don’t need any spikey edges!
Step 5: Assemble the highest
IMPORTANT: I selected to use 3/4” wood screws to stay the pipe and fittings in situ. I drill atiny low hole into the fitting, wherever it meets the PVC and use a Phillips bit to place the screw into place. it’s even as robust as PVC Cement, and therefore the friction of the pipe into the fitting keeps it along anyway, and you’ll be able to avoid the vesicatory odor and alternative issues that escort PVC cement. Also, this manner you’ll be able to perform a ‘dry fit’ of all of those things so attach screws or make love one at a time, your alternative.
I like to use a bit connected to the drill in order that it makes a pleasant indentation for the screw head to travel into. It keeps in clean and won’t permit snagging of vesture or very little fingers.
I do use PVC cement for one or two of things later.

Should you like better to use PVC Cement, remember: PVC CEMENT primarily MELTS THE PVC TO MERGE THE PIPE AND FITTING along, IN concerning thirty SECONDS, therefore check that THAT THE components ARE LINED UP AND getting in the proper DIRECTION once CONNECTING THEM.
We’ll begin aggregation the highest of the gate. For this you may would like 2 (2) ninety degree fittings, 5 (5) tees and six (six) items of the 3” plumbing grade PVC segments.
Simply assemble the fittings as shown within the diagram below, with a ninety elbow initial, followed by the four tees employing a 3” Plumbing Grade PVC phase between every fitting, then another ninety elbow. You’ll place another tee facing outward off of the ultimate ninety degree fitting.







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