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temporary plastic fencing

In many villa areas and parks, everyone will see fences that separate the garden from the park and the roads and roads outside. The parks and gardens are protected. Most of the traditional fences are made of wood. The emergence of plastic materials, plastic materials, various superior performance and high cost performance, gradually replaced the wooden fence, the fence made of plastic materials, has gradually become the mainstream of the fence market.
What is a plastic fence?
The plastic fence is blow molded or injection molded with PE plastic. It combines the toughness of plastic into one. It not only has good flexibility, but also has superior impact resistance. The reflective material uses a crystal lattice.
(1) In the structure, the column body is connected with each other, which breaks the limitation of the traditional use of connecting parts, and is more convenient to connect. When applied to traffic accident handling and road construction, it will also effectively shorten the arrangement time of traffic facilities. Improve road isolation and traffic grooming efficiency.
(2) The column body is attached with crystal color reflective material, and the reflective effect is obvious at night, which has obvious warning effect on the driver, and can reduce the casualty of the car during the accident, and form a safer protection, effectively reducing the traffic accident and loss of the vehicle. .
(3) High anti-oxidation ability, not easy to aging and become brittle, bright and bright color.
(4) Impact resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and dust resistance. Combined with crystal lattice as a reflective material, it improves the effect of warning and isolation.

1, no need for paint and maintenance, long-term and new, exempt from the fatigue and trouble of maintenance, the integration into low.
2, production and installation is simple and fast, using patented friction-type connection or proprietary connection accessories for installation, greatly improving installation efficiency
3, a wide variety of specifications, a variety of styles to choose from, with European and American style and today’s fashion, full of noble and modern beauty.
4, safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to people (animals), even if you do not intend to touch the guardrail, it will not hurt people like steel and iron guardrails.
5. The inner cavity of the guardrail is reinforced with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy, which has sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that the PVC guardrail has both the strength of steel and the beauty of PVC.
6, using special formula and special UV absorber, no fading, no yellowing, no peeling, no cracking, no foaming, no insects, the service life can reach more than 30 years. Widely used in: urban roads, real estate, development zones, residential quarters, gardens and various types of enterprises and institutions of decorative beautification and security protection projects.







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