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vinyl fence gate

As a widely used PVC fence, the PVC fence is mainly used in green areas such as residential quarters, villas, parks, and scenic spots. It can prevent pedestrians from stepping on flowers and grasses, and can also play a role of decoration and landscaping.
The pvc guardrail uses special profiles and high-temperature hot-dip galvanizing process, electrophoretic coating, exquisite feel, beautiful appearance, green environmental protection, simple and bright molding, super corrosion resistance, and salt resistance. Excellent moisture and heat resistance, brilliant colors, high strength, long service life, low maintenance and repair costs, and repeated use after spraying again.
The quality of pvc guardrail columns and frames, the guardrail columns and frames are also a relatively low place. Some regular large factories such as Wuhan Tiancheng Ruitong use angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and Round steel should also be different.
The quality of PVC fence rails is an important part. The fence rails are welded by wire rods (iron wires) of different specifications. The diameter and strength of the wire rod directly affect the quality of the mesh. In the selection of wire, it should be selected by the regular The finished wire is drawn from the high-quality wire rod produced by the manufacturer.

The second is the welding or weaving process of the mesh. This aspect mainly depends on the skilled technology and operating ability between the technical staff and the good production machinery. Generally, a good guardrail strip can be well connected at each welding or weaving point.
The overall control of the plastic spraying process of the PVC guardrail. Generally speaking, the uniformity of the spraying net should be paid attention to, and the quality of the coating is also crucial. Once again, the management of the spraying process and the advanced level of the equipment.
In general, PVC fences are popular with customers for their excellent performance. With the construction of the city and the emphasis on greening, more and more communities have no small green coverage. Of course, this is also indispensable for the demand for PVC fences.







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