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vinyl privacy fence panels

Wood could be a powerful rival. With its long history, its several virtues, and its quality, wood once dominated the fencing market. However, currently it should vie with technologically advanced materials, several of which provide exceptional advantages at an excellent worth. thus World Health Organization may presumably vie with wood? Vinyl, that’s who! initial introduced within the Nineteen Eighties, vinyl fencing lasts for much longer than wood, needs nearly no maintenance, and won’t be destroyed by wood’s archenemies (termites, fungus, dry rot, and fire). However, vinyl is somewhat costlier than wood. thus that must you select if you’re progressing to build a replacement fence: wood or vinyl? We’re going to build your call a bit easier by erosion wood vs. vinyl fencing in an exceedingly head-to-head match. World Health Organization can the victor be? Stick around to search out out!

Which product is stronger? which might face up to turbulent weather? which can live the longer life? Vinyl wins this initial match easy. Vinyl will get on my feet to harsh weather, pests, decay, and fungus. In fact, with none facilitate from you, it will simply last decades. though wood will last around twenty years, it’ll break down over time and you’ll need to repair and replace the fence’s lumber. the sort of wood can have an effect on the product’s sturdiness moreover, as some species of wood are a lot of structurally sturdy and proof against rot and decay (cedar and redwood are best). If you wish your wood fence to last for a while, you’ll got to invest in an exceedingly pressure-treated and chemically-treated product, and you will got to apply a preservative sealing material. What a hassle! follow vinyl if you wish a powerful, durable fence.


Vinyl fencing needs no maintenance whatever. though you will wish to hose it faraway from time to time to get rid of engineered up dirt, that job can typically be performed by the rain! Wood, on the opposite hand, needs Associate in Nursing abundance of labor if you wish it to appear clean and respectable and last for several years to return. it’ll got to be clean sporadically, treated, stained per annum for the primary 3 years, and stained each alternative year then (and sadly, staining is high-ticket and time-consuming). Plus, wood rots because the years glide by. because it warps and begins to disintegrate, you’ll got to replace the broken lumber.

Winner: Vinyl wins by a landslide, as a result of it needs nearly no maintenance in any respect.


Vinyl is costlier than wood at the showtime. once your initial investment, however, you won’t need to pay something. Except in cases of maximum weather, your vinyl fencing ought to keep secure and exquisite for years and years to return while not expensive maintenance or repairs. Wood, whereas cheaper direct, will need frequent treatments and stains. and since it doesn’t last as long as vinyl, you’ll most likely got to replace the fence at some purpose if you reside in your home for extended than 10-15 years. once considering wood vs vinyl fencing, additionally take into account the scale of your project. If your budget is little however your yard is massive, you will wish to travel with wood (unless you intend to measure during this home fifteen years down the line). however if the realm you’ll be fencing in is little and you’ll be able to afford the direct price, select vinyl.


Many people like the design of a true wood fence. it’s ancient, offers Associate in Nursing all-American charm, and encompasses a heap of character. However, wood additionally breaks down a lot of quickly. though it’ll arrive in mint condition, over time it’s going to become stained, decayed, rotten, and maybe even consumed by termites or alternative pests. All this to say: if you wish your fence to stay pristine and exquisite, select vinyl. You won’t need to worry regarding breakage paint, weakening stain treatments, termites, or weathering. Plus, vinyl is currently obtainable in an exceedingly sort of colours and designs, a number of that even mimic real wood. Whichever material you decide on, make certain to pick out a high-quality fence and have it put in properly, as these factors can influence the fence’s aesthetic charm moreover.

Winner: this relies on your vogue, however vinyl remains lovely for extended.


Wood vs. vinyl fencing: that is best? With its drawn-out life, lack of maintenance, formidable strength, and superbly versatile look, vinyl ought to be your most popular selection for fencing. though it’s costlier direct, it provides a much better come on investment and won’t need regular (and costly) maintenance like wood fencing. Unless you’re wanting to fence a really massive space and you furthermore may don’t arrange to sleep in your current home very long, we tend to promise that you simply are happier with a vinyl fence within the end of the day.

When you’re able to purchase a replacement vinyl fence, explore the MMC Fencing & Railing on-line store. we tend to ship our product nationwide and supply installation within the southwest Missouri space. you would possibly have an interest in our PolyVinyl, PolyRail, and Designer fencing systems:

PolyVinyl Fence Systems: The PolyVinyl system includes a spread of fence styles: privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and decorative. several of the sections are Al bolstered and embody aluminum post stiffeners, and you’ll be able to select from a spread of post caps and classic colours. The gate systems feature corrosion-resistant screws for long-run strength, and adjustable hinge hardware provides correct alignment. Plus, they’re all created within the USA!
PolyRail Vinyl Fence Systems: The PolyRail system could be a inexperienced series that has cheap and womb-to-tomb beauty. The series includes privacy fences (tongue-and-groove), yard fences, picket fences, and post-and-rail fences, that are all obtainable in white and tan. Interlocking fasteners make sure that the privacy fences are stable and secure, and matching gates are obtainable for several of the merchandise lines. Plus, heavy frames are obtainable for a few of the post-and-rail fences, providing equine applications.
Designer Fencing: The Designer Fencing system is out there in 3 heights, 48″, 60″, and 72″, and Al frames is purchased individually. There are 9 normal in-fill colours (white and varied reminder tan and light-weight brown), and eleven colours for the Al parts logic gate frames (black, white, tan, gray, brown, and green). Plus, the merchandise is wrapped in secure, three-step packaging to make sure that it arrives freed from injury.







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