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What vinyl fence styles are ok for arounf pools?

There’s an worldwide Code Council code for swimming pool barriers. A swimming pool is defined very broadly to encompass “any structure supposed for swimming, leisure bathing or wading that includes water over 24” (610mm) deep. This includes in-ground, above-ground and on-ground swimming pools, warm tubs, spas and stuck-on-place wading pools.” Please see the useful resource for an entire rationalization.

The code specifies numerous dimensions of a fence meant to prevent or manipulate get entry to to a swimming pool:

Top: at the least 48” above grade, measured on the facet of the
Vertical clearance between the lowest of the fence and grade: A most of two”, measured at the aspect of the fence far from the pool.

Openings within the fence shall now not permit passage of a four” diameter sphere.

If the fence is mounted on top of the pool shape, the most vertical clearance between the top of the pool shape and the bottom of the fence shall be 4”.

If the fence consists of horizontal and vertical contributors, and the distance among the tops of the horizontal contributors is much less than 45”, the horizontal participants shall be located on the pool side of the fence.

Spacing among vertical participants shall no longer exceed 1.75” in width.

Where there are ornamental cutouts inside vertical members, spacing within the cutouts shall no longer exceed 1.75” in width.

If the fence is composed of horizontal and vertical individuals, and the distance between the tops of the horizontal participants is 45” or more, spacing among vertical individuals shall not exceed four”.


The code also contains specifications for get entry to gates in the fence. The equal guidelines already stated for the fence additionally practice to the gate. similarly:

The gate is to be prepared to deal with a locking tool.

The gate has to open outward faraway from the pool.

The gate has to be self-closing and feature a self-latching device.

Where the discharge mechanism of the self-latching device is placed much less than 54” from the bottom of the gate:

The release mechanism shall be placed at the pool facet of the gate at least 3”underneath the top of the gate, and the gate and fence shall don’t have any establishing greater than zero.5” inside 18” of the release mechanism.







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