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Simple Guidance For You In White Picket Fencing.

White Picket Fencing

If having a home with a white picket fence is your dream, you’ve come to the right place. Z04 Series fence panels have 3″ wide pickets with 3″ spacing between. The pickets are topped with Dog Ear picket caps.

At Southern Vinyl Manufacturing, we’ve improved upon the classic white picket fence with picket fencing that can be customized to your property’s needs. Whether you’re a builder, contractor, distributor or homeowner, we offer everything from classic to scalloped picket fences in various open and closed picket fence styles and colors. Our clients have used our picket fences throughout the Southeast and beyond to enclose their yards, pools and more.

Fence Styles

The idea of a picket fence likely brings to mind a series of simple white slats with curved tops arranged in a row. However, homeowners will find that there are many styles available when installing a picket fence.

Straight top fences are the most basic and have the style traditionally associated with picket fences.

Cut arches are made up of arcing panels that create a “V” where they meet.

Rolling arch panels have curved peaks and troughs that make a wave pattern when installed.

Scalloped fences have U-shaped panels that peak at the posts for a style that’s the opposite of a cut arch.

“New England” fences are similar to straight fences but have more prominent posts that add a look of permanence.

All picket fence styles are created with a combination of fence panels and posts. Panels may feature straight horizontal crosspieces or supporting beams that sit at angles to produce different designs. Posts are also available in several styles with flat or rounded tops.







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